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What is a BJT?

BJT stands for Bipolar Junction Transistor and is a transistor which carries both positive and negatives charges, that is, it carries holes as well as electron. Thus, they need to both type of semiconductors: the positive and negative ones.

Types of Bipolar Junction Transistor:

Bipolar Junction Transistors can be of two types: PNP and NPN. They are available as singular, independent instruments or as a part of integrated circuits. Their main purpose is to amplify currents and using them as such, that is, as amplifiers or as switches have found them an application in a large number of modern electrical appliances, including:

  • Mobile phones
  • Computers
  • Radio transmitters
  • Televisions
  • Industrial control
  • Audio amplifiers

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Difference between PNP and NPN transistors:

BJT homework help shall help students to understand the differences between the two forms of the Bipolar Junction Transistor:

  • The first point of difference between the PNP and NPN transistor is their polarity. Irrespective of their operation, at all points, the flow of current in these two types of transistors will remain opposite to each other.

  • In case of a PNP transistor, the flow of current is from base to emitter. In case of the NPN transistor, the direction of flow is just the opposite, that is, the flow is from emitter to base.

The two units, the controller and the controlled fuse together in order to create the entire in case of a Bipolar transistor and the whole thing is made possible by the emitter.

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