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Basis risk is finance related term and can be categorized as s systematic risk. It occurs because of imperfect hedging which can leave a great impact on future market price. For serious and inquisitive students, our Basis Risk Homework Help can be a true guideline to emphasize on the inherent facts.

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About Basis Risk (with a few examples)

The relation between the current price and future price of an asset in a point of time is called Basis. And when the difference occurs between these two, the risk will be there. The mismatch of the price of a current asset and an asset to be hedged is the basic component of this kind of risk.

A comprehensive understanding of Basis Risk includes graphical representations, formulae, and examples.  Different types of Basis Risk happen due to imperfect hedging.

They are:

  1. Price Based
  2. Location Based
  3. Calendar Based
  4. Product Quality Based

Check out some instances

  • A farmer has to be aware of the weather, transport cost and other expenses to meet the cost of production. Any kind of rising costs can relate to his Basis Risk and he should think of hedging.
  • In the commodities market, stock market the price fluctuates and future price can be varied for different spots. The risk is there also.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) choice can be a good solution to eradicate Basis Risk as it creates perfect hedging solution for the needy.

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