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Know about Balanced Scorecard Management

Balanced Scorecard Management is one of the most important tools of strategic management which is also described as the performance management tool. It helps in formulating and assisting the competitive strategy of the organizations. Balance Scorecard Management helps in encouraging the organizational behavior which is consistent for several years in the organizations.

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Perspective of Balanced Scorecard Management

There are four main perspective of balanced scorecard Management.These are financial, customer, Internal Business, Innovation and Growth. These perspective shares a relationship which can be described through the following examples.

“When the organization delivers the quality services or products to its customers then customers will definitely become loyal and potential buyers and pushes the organization to put more efforts in their internal processes to improve the profitability”

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Uses of Balanced scorecard

  • Establishing the predictable record values
  • Make corrective interventions
  • Decrease the employee turnover rate
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Organization learning based on data and its analysis
  • Translation of mission
  • Business planning
  • Formulation of organizational budgets, track employee performance and improve communication in the organization

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