Know Something More About Approaches to Calculate Cost of Equity K

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What do you mean by calculate cost of Equity?

The term calculates cost of equity there are various approaches through which cost of equity can be decided and not only that but, it is also important to understand the capital. The outlook of a company is important, but to find out this a number of approaches need to know according to the requirement and fulfillment of the company.

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Know the different approaches?

  • Dividend Price Approaches

Cost of capital can be calculated by dividing of per share of dividend with market value. So, this can be written as Ke = D/P.

The above equation is a kind of simple approach, but nowadays the inflation rate is need to be adjusted with this and thus it can be explained as

Ke = D (1+ growth rate/100) (1+inflation rate/100) / Price of per share + (growth rate + inflation rate)

  •  The exact approach of Earning/Price

In this approach the expert explains that there is no need to relate per share of dividend with the market value of the share. In addition, this approach explains that earning is very important for the company first and after getting the total earning, the value of market per share can be compared with share of the dividend.

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  • Realized yield approach

How to improve the approach of dividend – price? It can be done by calculating dividends’ past payments. However, this is not the final list, but you can easily get the exact result which can be achieved by adding some growth in percentage formula. The solution through this is not any imaginary or expected value, but you can say that it is a real value.

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