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What is apartheid Policy?

In the year 1948, the racial discrimination between the whites and non-whites was widely realized in parts of South Africa. The need of such a policy took place when the noticeable discrimination between the white and non-whites started affecting the personal standards of each race.

The word apartheid is an African word for separateness. The racial political policies of Apartheid took place as it was a common and very desperate demand of that time.

Why was it needed?

With the discrimination of each race, the citizens start noticing the double standards and decreasing reputation in the group of races. The slaves and the quality work were deciding as per the race in South Africa before 1948.

In order to reduce such a racial decision the need was implemented to separate different races resulting into migration of many people to different segregated neighborhoods.

What are the benefits of Apartheid policy in South Africa?

Every voice was being heard by announcing Apartheid policies in South Africa helping each race and gender to work individually without being titled as slaves or rich.

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