To Tap into Magic of Algebraic Geometry You Must Know Mathematics Involved in It

Algebra and Geometry are subjects introduced to us at the beginning of high school studies. Apparently, it seems that they are not at all the same thing. They are two disconnected subjects with nothing in common except that they are the both subjects of mathematics. But, is it really so? They share nothing? Perhaps not and our Algebraic Geometry assignment help may make this more clear to a student of mathematics.

About the subject

Algebra is the mathematics of abstractness. Finding some unknown values or expressions from a set of values and equations is usually what students are taught thoroughly in their courses of Algebra.Whereas Geometry is a more pictorial subject dealing with structures, their shapes and size, their properties, etc. Major differences between these two subjects are:

  • Algebra involves no pictures. It deals with numbers, variables like x, y, z, etc. and expressions and equations.
  • Geometry on the other hand is all about pictures and visualizing. In fact, if one takes Algebraic Geometry homework help of then they will often come across pictorial examples.
  • Algebra involves a lot of calculations right from the beginning.Additions, subtraction, multiplications, squaring and it is all about these calculations.
  • But, geometrical subjects in their initial level are based more on graphical aspect of mathematics. Where there is just a bit of calculations and more of theorems and hypothesis.

But, when students enter college and pursue their higher studies, they soon find out that these two subjects are not so different after all. They are like two sides of the same coin. The main similarities that can be seen from our Algebraic Geometry assignment help are:

  • Algebra or more specifically, Linear Algebra is geometry of higher dimensions.
  • Every theorem in Geometry can be proved by using Algebra.
  • Any equation, or theorem that one comes up using Linear Algebra of say any abstract n dimensions, will become a familiar geometrical theory if we put n=2 or 3.

This type of Algebra that actually helps to do geometry in higher dimensions is often called Algebraic geometry.

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