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Expense means spending money or incurring costs for the things that are necessary and the same term can have different coverage for a common man and for a business entity. In order to get a complete idea you must opt for Accounting Expenses and Expenses in Accounting Assignment Help and all your confusions will come to an end.

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What this topic is all about?

Whenever one incurs an expense it means spending some amount of money so that a benefit can be availed. But for businesses the concept of expense is much bigger. A company’s expense may be related to parting away with its cash balance and sometimes it may also involve giving away certain assets like goods, property, machinery etc. so that essential things can be obtained for successful running of the business.

Without expenses the trading is not possible. Because you will get something in return only if you are willing to spend for it either in terms of money or by sparing the assets in possession. Sometimes borrowings are also done in the course of business that leads to creation of liability until the loan is fully paid. Till then interest is paid and that is also included as an expense for the company.

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Different types of expenses that you will deal in accounting

Expenses are classified on various fronts in the domain of accounting and some of their general categories are as follows-

  • Operating expenses

The expenses concerned with operating activities of business like rent, salaries, advertising expenditure, depreciation etc.

  • Non-operating expenses

These are not concerned with the general operating activities in a business example payment of taxes to the government.

  • Capital expenses

These expenses are generally related with purchasing of long term assets like machinery, land, building etc.

  • Direct expenses

These are concerned with purchasing of goods like insurance cost, custom duty, freight, octroi, import duty etc.

  • Indirect expenses-

Those expenses that are not directly related with the purchase related to goods like legal charges, printing costs etc.

  • Financing expenses

When a company has borrowed money and it needs to pay interest then it is financing expense. When bonds are sold then also the interest needs to be paid then that is also categorized as financing expense.

  • Extraordinary expenses

These expenses arise due to unforeseen situations like breakage of machinery, damage to property because of environmental forces etc.

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