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Cash or fund plays a significant role in commercial market and also in the field of business. The growth of a business depends a lot on how the capital or fund is used in the business. The economy of a nation too depends on it. So handling account and money or funds is a crucial factor when you are into business or any other venture. It is an important part of commerce and accounts. If you want to learn the topic to make a bold career in future then you have to get in touch with our Account & Cash Handling Procedures homework help team.

Consisting factors

Money fund handling is an important issue so an internal control is required for preventing the miss haling of money to avoid all kind of financial loss. The main factors in cash handling procedure are:

  • State the purpose of policy

Money transaction should be transparent and should be under strong control so that the cash handling process can be tracked easily for making it secure.

  • Division of duties

Responsibilities of   fund collection, fund deposition and account reconciliation should be defined and separated for better result.

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  • Way for receiving fund

Inclusion of all the information for receiving fund such as cash receipts, cash registers, information about checks etc. are most important all these records should be kept in safe hand.

  • Fund collection

All process and rules for collecting and accepting fund should be same every time so that it will be easy to follow.


  • Fund saving policy

Funds that are collected from different sources must be kept in a safe hand with proper protection, until it is deposited.

  • Cash deposition

Deposition of cash or fund is an important factor in this issue. Time schedule for deposition should be fixed on basis of the amount that has been deposited. The technical and advanced way of deposition should be introduced.

  • Reconciliation of cash

Responsible team should take the right decision for reconciling the fund independently. Timing of reconciliation must be mentioned properly.

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