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Let’s find out what absorption costing is to have a brief idea about the whole concept of it.

What absorption costing is?

In this method of costing all the manufacturing cost is engrossed by the units manufactured. In simple terms, this is a method of costing for a product in which all variable and fixed production costs are billed to classify areas. This costing technique includes calculation of direct expenses, direct labours fixed and variable cost of production and direct material used for the manufacturing process. The main difference between this and marginal costing is that in the case of marginal costing fixed manufacturing costs are not included in the production cost.

 Here are a few points which will help you in getting a clear idea about it.

  • This is the lone method accepted by constitutional bodies.
  • This is the well-accepted manner for reporting common investors.
  • This incorporates easily with financial accounting.
  • This method is approved by accounting standards.

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Problem faced by students

Let’s find out what are the difficulties that students faced when it comes to this costing method.

  • Students find it tough to analyse the problem as they don’t have experience and are not aware of the practical situation.
  • They might find it complicated as this involves difficult and detailed arithmetical calculations.
  • All the time students should be aware of the difference between this method and marginal costing.
  • Greater understanding is required to reconcile between marginal costing stock value as well as profitability reconciliation and absorption costing

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