1-In-K Systematic Sample Is a Significant Topic in Statistics to Learn

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What do you mean by the term 1-In-K Systematic Sample?

After getting the list of population an excellent sampling method is followed, which is known 1-In-K Systematic Sample, through which every kth member is listed on the sample. This is an exact ordered form or systematic form of sampling. A random number is selected to prepare the list and then it is important to point out every kth element.

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How to find out systematic sample?

To find out the exact outcome the following formula is used

k= N/n

N = Population size is provided in list

n = It represents the sample size of the population. Now, k is the interval in the sampling.

If you have a list of population of 1 to 800 and the sampling is there for selecting 20 members. Then the exact formula k = N/n=800/20= 40.

So, if the selected one comes between 1 and 40, suppose 18, then the first one would be 18 and then go with every 40th number and thus final list can be created as –

18, 58, 98, 138, 178, 218, 258, 298, 338, 378, 418, 458, 498, 538, 578, 618, 658, 698, 738 and 778

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What is the prime requirement to find out the 1-In-K Systematic Sample?

The exact solution can be done only if the provided list is homogeneous in a logical way. Thus, whatever is selected must not be hidden in any ways. The units are distributed properly to clear the problem as well as the solution.

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