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Yield to Maturity YTM assignment help will provide online guidance to have a clearer idea on the Internal Rate of Return. This is the complete calculation for investors, who are interested in buying bonds at market price with an assumption that the bond will last until it reaches the time of maturity. With this, all the coupons and principal amount will be paid on time.

How is the calculation of YTM?

YTM is the absolute return which was assumed based on the price of a bond. It is considered to be a long-term investment bond being expressed in annual rate. This is very similar to current yield having the similar approach to divide annual cash flow from investing in a bond at market price and then to assume how much money will the bond fetch at the time of maturity.

This is why it is calculated using the simple formula as:

Bond Price = {cashflow 1/ (1 + yield)1} + {Cashflow 2/ (1 + yield)2 }….+ {last cashflow/ (1 + yield)n}

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  • How to have the main assumption done?
  • What are the types of bond?
  • How to check the validity of calculation?
  • How to evaluate the benefit of a bond?
  • What are the limitations of YTM?
  • How coupon rate Vs. YTM?

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