Why Students Should Have Homework- Importance of Homework

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Students are never excited about homework. I think neither you nor I were excited about our homework in school. Kids of present generation are facing the same problem as well.

In fact, their problem is worse since present world has got lots of distractions which were not so prevalent in our time. These days are smartphone, internet, computer games, televisions, several gadgets, etc.

Think from the point of view of a child; doing everything other than homework always seemed exciting. Homework had a strong repulsive force and it was and still is really difficult for parents to make their children do homework. But a child can be treated differently and there are possibilities of making him or her do the homework.

Make your child realize the importance of homework

This can be tried out by making them realize why students should have homework, what is the need of homework, how is homework going to help him or her in future. You need to make your child realize the importance of homework.

Of course there are ample students who love to do their homework properly on time. But comparatively that ratio is very less. In order to make your child realize, you as a guardian or as a student should realize why students should have homework.

  • Homework is a good exercise by which a child’s memory as well as thinking power can be enhanced. Homework involves doing research and solving problems on his own. This also makes a revision for the student. Thus a student need not study much on a subject that has been done in school if he or she has the habit of doing all homework on time.
  • Solving homework would work as a self-test whereby a student can realize by his own where he stands in that particular subject. He can come up with many problems which can be solved by the teacher.
  • Homework develops the habit of time management. When you have a limited period of time and certain amount of work to do, you force your brain to complete that work by that time period.
  • This way you develop the habit of completing work within deadline. There might be multiple home works and then you will force your brain more and more and this you will gradually taken lesser time to do a work.
  • Another reason why students should have homework is that it trains a child to work independently. There are many children who always require a teacher or parents or friends or may be siblings to do any work. Homework is something which a student needs to do on his own.
  • This way, he gets trained to work independently which will be helpful in his future. It is always better to be independent. You need to rely on anyone. You yourself will be responsible for your work and you will know better how to do a work.
  • Homework is a practice of reviewing what is being done in school. This revision of daily basis is fruitful before the exam when you will find students who do not do homework regularly are freaking out and you on your side are free of mind because you had a regular revision throughout the year.
  • It is a fact that students do not want to study every day after coming back from school. Therefore homework is a good way to stay and touch and revise things done in school on regular basis.
  • The education system of schools is that one thing is done today and next day the rest of the portion is done.So if you go back home and do your homework, you will be prepared with that day’s lesson and the next day it will be easier for you to catch up in class. You will not be clueless.
  • Often subjects such as mathematics or statistics have formulae that are done one day and sums are done on the next day. Those who know How To Do Your statistics Homework Properly or mathematics, they will not have problem the next day.
  • Solving homework often require researching on a subject. Therefore it develops your child to make use of resources available such as reference books, internet or make use of smartphone to access materials.
  • When a student researches on a subject, he or she gains more knowledge than what is being taught in class. It helps him to write better answers or even speak on that subject. These skills turn out to be useful in case of doing any special project.



Guardians should have to take the initiative.Homework is very repulsive for a student if guardians do not take the initiative of making that interesting for them. Teachers should take the initiative of making students study at school. But at home, it is the duty of guardians to make their children realize why students should have homework.