Why Should Traditional Studying Methods Be Changed for Better Career?

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I am a graduate and always desired to work in a Multi National Company in some top position such as Corporate Manager or Public Relation Officer. I was never fond of becoming a teacher, doctor or an engineer. While applying for the job, I was rejected many a times. On research, I found that there are certain loopholes in my skills, which I had certainly not learnt during my school or college days. Time has changed and it asks for something more than our traditional system of learning. Let’s go back to the root of the education history to understand this article in a good manner.

The root of education coincides with the inception of human civilization. It is impossible to find a civilized society without proper education. Since ancient times, our ancestors had a rich traditional education system, which is gradually changing with the demand of time. Now, with the advent of technology and specific needs, there is an urgent need to change the traditional ways of studying.

The purpose of studying is to have a prosperous career. Gove are the days when you have few selected career in the field of teaching, medicine or engineering. Today, there are thousands of job opportunities in different service sectors. Now, a student desires to be a software engineer, a marketing professional, corporate communicator, fashion designer etc. All these jobs are quite different in nature and needs some special training, which is not fulfilled with traditional ways of studying.

Today’s job eligibility criteria include an excellent communication skills, must have sound knowledge of handling the IT tools and a great perception power. In order to earn these skills, the traditional method of studying has to be changed and it is high time to change the way education is imparted to students in schools and college.

 Features of traditional studying methods

  • Traditional education system is teacher centric. It involves high test scores, graduation and grades.
  • Students are matched by their age.
  • The teaching method includes face to face lectures. Here students learn through direct observation and listening.
  • Teaching tools are traditional chalk, blackboard and duster.
  • Teaching instructions are based on notes in textbooks and focus is given on individual written assignment.
  • Students give emphasis on memorizing facts and a correct knowledge about any topic is paramount.
  • Students address teacher with last names and a very formal relationship has to be maintained between a teacher and a student.

Drawbacks of traditional ways of studying

  • Since the system is teacher centric, students hardly use their brain to think or observe on any particular topic being taught to them. This suppresses the thinking power of a student and students focus on cramming the topic to score good grades in examinations.
  • Students are grouped with their ages in a classroom, which hold back the ability of an intelligent student.
  • The studying process contains less of practical things. So, students do not use their mind to think on any topic and they prefer cramming the notes given by their teachers from the text books.
  • Using traditional tools for teaching will make your students backdated. There has been a drastic change in teaching aid such as blackboard has been changed into LCD screen, LED Projector, Pointer, Power Point presentation, etc. It’s time to include these aids while teaching rather than the traditional tools like chalk and duster etc.
  • When the teacher-student relationship is not casual, students are hesitant of asking freely. This enhances the distance between the teacher and student. Finally, a gap remains in education in between.

With the above loopholes of traditional studying methods, you could better understand that traditional learning method is quite strict and is not apt for attaining a better career.

Internet and modern studying system

Internet has been a boon to the modern studying system. Implementation of online education system has many benefits over traditional system. With the help of internet, now students can get online assignment help to complete their homework. They can read books via online and could also pursue their higher studies through online courses.

So, when it comes to modernized education system, you cannot just leave internet aside. You may read other articles on topic why online assignment aid if highly beneficial for the students to know about the benefits of online assignment help websites.

I have personally been a beneficiary of such professional websites. I had pursued my degree of Diploma in Marketing Strategy via online. This degree helped me to get a better opportunity in a Multi National Company. I did not quit my previous job to pursue this degree as it was online course and I need not to attend classes on regular basis. So, this is another big advantage, which internet has bestowed us.

Hence, it could be fathomed that modern education has many advantages over traditional one and we must implement the modern tactics of studying for ensuring a better career.