Why Is Student Counseling a Must for Middle and High School Goers?

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Is there anything in the world more important to parents than guiding their children for a better career? It is a natural instinct where every parent wants their child to have a better academic career for a well-settled life. This is why they need to focus on things that often go unnoticed.

Let’s consider on of the imperative aspect that parents usually don’t take under consideration ‘student counseling.’ If you have noticed that every school has a professional appointed as a student guidance and counselor; there must be a reason behind it.

In a recent data analysis by the University of California, 29% of a student’s academic progress can be enhanced by providing them with professional guidance. So keeping this in mind, here I will rationalize my point that how student counselors play an important role.

Problems faced by students

Let me start with why I am emphasizing on counseling. As a child grows, their personality, mentality and behavior are also bound to grow or change. This is when they face some problems which they either fail to share, or it goes unnoticed. Now let’s see what the common problems they encounter:

  • Personal problems

The first thing that parents fail to relate to is family issues or personal turmoil. This gives them a sense of agitation whether to talk about the problems or not. This also creates an adverse effect on their academic and start performing badly in examinations.

For this reason, they need someone whom they can trust and will give them avaluable suggestion. Can you think of anything better than a counselor?

  • Hormonal change

It is mostly seen in middle school goers and high school student. As they enter the adolescence period, the emotional equations inside them go topsy-turvy. They suffer from terrible mood swings, stubbornness and the extremely shattering feeling that ‘no one understands me.’ At this point, they don’t feel like doing anything be it their passion, hobby or study.

This is why you will need a professional counselor who would be able to handle this tricky phase in a child’s life with their experience and degree.

  • Peer pressure

In order to ‘fit in,’ children often ‘go out’ of their way. It can cause a lot of trouble in future if not guided in the right way. As per psychologist, this is the time when maximum children start doing drugs just to prove the pseudo point of being cool.

It is best to let child counselor to talk and make them understand in a subtle manner. This sensitive situation needs an experienced guide to make things better.

  • Confused with career

Students often get deviated and they fail to do choose what career option they want to take. This is why; they need appropriate suggestion and explanation. It is a student guide or counselor’s job to help them.

As we have discussed the problem, let me mention one thing, make sure the counselor is certified in the area of children and student psychology.

But how will you know when to send your child for counseling?

See, there is no side effect if you send them on a regular basis; rather it is a good habit. But there are times when the need of a professional student therapist gets imperative.

  • Depression

Yes, children often suffer from depression and mental breakdown. If you don’t have a much clear idea about it, read Academic Depression in Children: Know the Reason, Result, Relief!This will help you to understand if you child is suffering from the same or not.

  • Getting irritated way too much

Children are mostly fun-loving. The worry starts when their sweet personality turns into a deadly attitude. They need to know, understand and realize that a proper, pleasant behavior will cost you nothing but will fetch you a lot from others.

  • Not eating or sleeping properly

The combination of good food followed by better sleep is a dream for every child. If they are refusing that, then it’s time either you do ‘the talk’ or let a professional do it.

  • Avoiding family gatherings

Loneliness is a very disturbing feeling. Believe me, if your child is doing that, it not their choice. They just don’t know what else to do as a thousand thoughts burden their mind. Moreover being young they don’t even have the appropriate way to handle it.

If you notice these in your child, then these are the signs screaming for help. At first, try to talk it out but later if you are not able to handle, best is contact the school’s counselor.

Benefits of counseling

There are some really important benefits that your child will get from student counseling:

  • Improved concentration
  • Positive approach towards problem
  • Will not get flustered under academic pressure
  • It will also help them to maintain a proper routine

All of these will certainly help them to score more. And still, if they are having trouble in doing assignments and homework, it must be an understanding issue of the subject. For that, you can opt for professional online homework help services. They have experts who will guide your child academically.

Why school and professional counselors will do better than parents making them understand?

I am saying this from my personal experience; my child often used to skip telling me things as he thought that I would not understand. Later when I started noticing changes in his behavior, I contacted the school. They immediately organized a counseling session. It is then that I got to know he was getting bothered with my official work and I was not able to give him enough time.

So I immediately started working on it, and within few weeks, he was back to normal. As a mother, I know how it feels when your child is not happy. This is why I strongly recommend that proving student counseling from a professional is important for every child who is in middle or high school. What you are waiting for? This is the right time to make a decision!