Why Do You Think That Kids Should Have Less Homework?

29 Jun Why Do You Think That Kids Should Have Less Homework?

Overloaded with homework is a very problematic situation for a kid. Do you think kids should have less homework?  Many parents think that they have less homework, but other parents think that they must have sufficient homework to get a proper engagement.

Let us clear the matter. Do you think that your kids are interested in the study? If you give them to select an option out of the two choices as either to read the books or to play, then which one would be his choice? Don’t you think that it would be the second one or playing? But, why children like to play as compare of reading books?

This is because that many parents make the things much more difficult than it is. In addition, if you teach your child to make his study convenient or interesting, then it would be easier for them to handle. So, if you say that kids should have less homework, then you must need to clear some points.

How much burden of homework a kid should have?

Now, what do you mean by the term overloaded? Go through the following points and eradicate the hesitation you have –

  • How much homework your child gets daily

If he is small and he has enough load of homework, then you can say that kids should have less homework. However, it is also important for you to understand the level and the age. If they get less homework that can be completed within an hour at the age of 6-8, then it is not much. It means your kids need to engage with the homework.

  • Take care of their time

Homework is important, but it must not be loaded. If you think that they need a long time to complete their homework, then it is really important to inform that kids should have less homework. So, it must not be there for a long time.

  • Kids must have play time

Play time and other times for enjoyment are also important. Everyone should take care of play time. It means if small kids do not play, then they get irritated. You need to give a play time.

  • Feeling tired and illness must not be there

It should not be like tiredness is there. If they feel tired, then they will become sick. So, you have to take care of that.

How less homework is beneficial?

  • Less homework keeps their mind fresh

You will get that if your kids have less homework, then their mind can easily work for other activities like exercise, dance, painting, singing and muh more. Even they cannot think about shopping or other enjoyment.

But, if they feel tired because of doing their homework, then they cannot concentrate in any of their work no matter how important this work is.

  • Student can understand the concept if they have less homework

Less homework is another side of free mind. It means that each student can easily understand their concept. In case they feel any difficulty, then they get sufficient time to understand that concept.

It means less homework is beneficial for students to have a perfect academic career. Each student can easily get their solution of “Do you know how to do your English homework properly?” This is only because of their less homework.

Teachers and the school management must think that homework is always a prominent thing, but it must have a limit.

Each student has a capability of learning or remembering the things. So, it is not good if there is loaded homework and students feel tired while completing their work whole day and night. So, in this way it is always suggestible that kids should have less homework.

  • With less homework, they can practice in extra time

It is very true that if you have less work, you can utilize your time in various ways. If students have minimal homework, then they can use, or you can assist them to use in a proper way. So, if you want, the answers can easily be learnt.

How parents should understand that homework according to their level is perfect?

Most of the parents make their child nervous that their children should study hard. They don’t think that their kids lose their interest. Now, the parents think that they have a lot of homework and say that kids should have less homework.

Here, one thing is important, which is a clearing of their concept. Activities or practical concepts are important to clear the concept. So, if your kids have homework for a few hours at high school level, then it’s good.

Now, you can easily understand that to some extent fewer homework works. But if you think that it’s really tough for them to complete, then undoubtedly you should meet with the management to request that kids should have less homework.