Why Do Students Feel the History of English Language Is Burdensome?

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Students who obtain a great hold over English discipline are often found to study further where they have to meet several other interesting aspects. History of English Language is one of such topics that they may have to undergo. Though this topic sounds interesting, it’s not easy enough. Most of the time, pupils have to face lots of difficulties while going through that particular discipline. There are tons of proper reasons also behind that. Some of them are going to be discussed below.


Hassles over the History of English Language:

  1. Have to go to the depth of the language:

English was originated from Anglo-Frisian dialects and after that, it came to Britain.  Naturally, this language is old enough and when students start learning, they have to go through some stages of English including the Old, Middle and Modern English. It is needless to say that every time it has appeared with something new changing some previous things. To remember all these ideas is not at all easy to the students. The styles are separate and they vary from period to period. So, pupils face difficulties while learning the history behind those periods.

  1. Different concepts found in various time period:

The contemporary societies are not the same in every period and hence, the mentality of people, their cultures or customs get varied. These things affect the dialects and naturally, when nowadays, pupils are to meet all these things, they feel it quite troublesome as they cannot feel familiar with the timings other than where they are living.

  1. Have to remember duration:

Duration must be memorised well to understand the differences between these periods. So those changes would be apprehended thoroughly and properly. Lots of changes and transformations have taken place and one who is studying History of English Language has to follow and mug up all these changes which are quite complicated. Among these changes, students can find out the following aspects:

  • Influences have to be considered:

Every period is a subject of several influences of other languages. So, linguistics offer to know about these influenced languages and English is not an exception to it. Students are seen to be worried when they have to comprehend these sorts of things as they are not witnessing the changes. Learning only through reading books is a real problem from that point of view.

  • Phonological changes:

Phonetics proffers these major replacements. Different eras have come forward with new ideas which are really tough for the pupils who are living in the period where everyone is following the modern style of English. Vowels and consonants have appeared with new gestures and functions where the serious problems lie.

  • Grammatical changes:

The grammatical transformation may include various changes such as the evolution of pronouns, prepositions and even verbs also. Naturally, it can be imagined why this discipline becomes troublesome for students.

So, all these things can be considered as the major difficulties but, this is also a fact that these are meant to be the base and that’s why students must read them between the lines to understand modern English language.