Why Do I Have So Much Homework – Conquering Procrastination

20 Apr Why Do I Have So Much Homework – Conquering Procrastination

Are you struggling to complete assignments on time? Are you wondering “why do I have so much homework”? For many students, their biggest drawback is their inability to focus, execute and complete assignments on time.

Even if they do manage, it is usually a hurried race to the finish line. The outcome of this is general disappointment because it’s difficult to afford a lot of quality when you’re short on time. Procrastinating is just a bad habit that isto overcome with some persistence. Any bad habit can be replaced by multiple good habits that are far more fulfilling and rewarding.

Controlling Procrastination

  1. No Perfect Moment
  • A lot of people truly believe that they will study or complete assignments at some sort of perfect moment or hour.
  • They wait an hour before they’ve decided upon doing the homework, and even though it’s three minutes past the hour, they aren’t comfortable beginning at that time.
  • Understand that there is no perfect time or moment to begin doing homework.
  • Whenever you have even 20 minutes of free time, use it efficiently to do some research, chalk out a mind map or even create a plan of action for later.
  • Basically, time management is a super important skill that must be mastered.
  • As a student, you should be following a daily schedule that has an allotted amount of time for doing homework.
  • By minimizing procrastination and following a routine, regular work is ensured. Thus, there will be no pile up of assignments just before the deadline.
  1. Goal Orientation
  • Most students tend to procrastinate because they aren’t focused on an end goal or they’re only focused on the bigger picture that they forget about everything they need to do to get there.
  • When trying to find the encouragement and motivation to push forward, you must do so on your own.
  • The best way to do this is to remember what you hope to get from studying hard.
  • For some, it is money, a good job, a dream career, a college degree or even being able to afford a pet.
  • There are no limitations on the size of the goal so long as there is one.
  • When you’re finding it hard to work through piles of homework, or you’ve somehow become disenchanted with the system of education, remember that there is a system that must be followed for success in our times. To achieve what we want, we must follow this system for the time being.
  • While having a long term goal is great, it is also necessary to set a few short-term goals for that boost of energy when required.
  • This can be completing the research for an assignment within an hour and a half or finishing 50 math sums in 30 minutes, etc.
  • Completing your short term goals and racing for time is extremely satisfying and motivates students to keep working hard.
  • It also shows students that there is nothing that cannot be done if they remain focused and work efficiently.
  • When the question of why do I have so much homework arises, the satisfaction of completing it can be the answer.
  1. Task Prioritization
  • There will be weeks when there are a lot of assignments to complete.
  • Figuring out a plan of action or completing tasks will be complicated and difficult.
  • The only way to do this is to prioritize
  • Determine which projects are most immediate, which is more important and which is more difficult.
  • Try and complete all difficult homework first, but keep in mind that time is also a factor.
  • So if there is an assignment required within the next week, do not begin working on something that has a deadline a week away.
  • If you need a little bit more information, then understanding why we have so much homework will be helpful.
  1. Consistency
  • Students tend to start strong but finish weak.
  • There is a lot of determination and drive in the beginning of the week that fades out very quickly.
  • To ensure that there is no buildup of work, create a schedule or routine and stick to it.
  • Nothing can be doneovernight, consistency is the only way towards rewarding results in the long run.
  • You will notice a spike in your grades and peace of mind when you do a little work every day instead of leaving it for the absolute last minute.
  • So do not ask yourself why do I have so much homework? Instead, focus on getting it done!

Positive thinking even through the hardest of times is what gets you through each day. Do not harp on the past and refrain from being daunted by the future. Take it each day as it comes and tries to overcome tough situations that you’re facedwith at the moment.

Try and understand the value of each action and how it will contribute to the long progress of your grades, college education and adult working years. So when you question the system and ask “why do I have so much homework?” Remember that this is what helps to pass examinations.