Who Invented Homework and School for the Students?

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We all are quite familiar with the word ‘school’ and ‘homework’. But still, a big question is often poped out in our mind who invented homework and school. Especially,student’s mind, when it is overloaded with homework which is given by their teachers or when their exam is coming soon they are not prepared for that.

Answering this question is not easy. Research is still going on the topic. Here you will get a fair idea on this matter.


If we look at the history, the tradition of homework has crossed several decades. Though, our relation with the subject is time immemorial still we cannot say specifically exactly when it started. Different ideas and opinions have evolved through research and development. We are going to share those with you so that you can get a fair idea.


In the ancient age, people do not need to go any school the older members of a family teach their younger member individually within their family. So it is a big question who invented homework and school. Previously schooling system was not like today it was mainly formed for teaching religious values.

Invention of several schools in the ancient period is:


  • In the ancient Greece, the concept of grouping young people for education in a central learning location was existed. It was known as Academy. The famous Greek scholar and philosopher Plato introduced a philosophical school there.
  • Educationand schooling systemexisted in ancient Rome also.
  • The traditional Hindus of India formed residential schools like monastery in those ancient periods which were known as Gurukuls.
  • Educational school also exist in China in that ancient period
  • At the beginning of middle age in Western Europe, few cathedral schools were formed for giving proper education to the future king and the administrators.
  • In Middle Easterncivilization elementary school were found in country like Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Babylonia. Though the Jews formed this elementary school for the basic education of children, other Egyptian citizens also allow learning the basic thing such reading and writing and learning the basic skills of mathematics.
  • Schooling system also developed in Islam culture in those days. Initially, mosques took the duel responsibilities for religious activities as well as the academic activities. Later on, a school was formed separately from the mosques which were known as Madrassa (Madrassa was public school controlled by Caliph).
  • The idea of universal schooling system like today was introduced by Byzantine Empire in 425AD for to train the military person.
  • The first public school was formed in the United State of America in 17th It was founded in 1635, and still it exists as an oldest public school in this country.
  • At that time schools were formed mainly for boys not for girls. Mainly reading, writing and practicing mathematicswere focused in that school. After the Revolution State, prioritise the education and established many other schools uniformly in different parts of the state for both boys and girls.
  • The first organised and modern public school was invented by Horace Mann. He was a college professor and createda system of professional teaching to teach the students in an organized


Gradually the organised public schools are formed in different part of the world. And I believe you all can realise who invented homework and school for students.


Homework is an essential part and a daily routine for a student now. Probably homework was introduced at the same time when the formal school was invented. Growth path of homework is expected to:

  • At that time education was established only for well to do family, not for any general people.
  • There was no concept of homework in those days as people were not much interested in higher education. Children were staying most of the time in their house to support their family.
  • The concept of homework was brought by a school teacher of Venice named as Roberto Nevilis in 1095. He introduced homework to punish one of his students. But later homework became a best weapon to make his students understand all subjects perfectly.Thus, homework became an integral part of education in all countries of Europe.
  • A big controversy about the value of homework existed at that time too.Parents of the students and the school organiser also did not support this concept of homework for any student.
  • In 1901, homework for the students of kindergarten to eight standards was abolished in California by passing an act.
  • Later on, John Amos Comenius introduced many modern and effective ways of teaching for enhancing the education system. Homework and assignment are also two important factors of those methods. So since that day it becomes an integral part ofour education.

This will give some of the facts and figures of who invented homework and school. Now, you have to think honestly,“Is homework harmful or helpful for overall development of students or not?