What to Do When Students don’t Do Their Homework

27 Jun What to Do When Students don’t Do Their Homework

“What to do when students don’t do their homework?” This is the most common question which every parent has in their mind when they see their children avoiding to execute their homework.Kids might not want to do their homework, on the simple ground that they ‘don’t feel like doing it’.

There can be several reasons for it. They might not be motivated enough. They might just find the entire work a simple waste of time, or it might just be too big an issue for them.

However, as elders, it is our duty not to push our kids into anything. Do not yell at them, or do not indulge in any kind of unfair means. Make them understand and help them to complete their work. Threatening to punish them can never be counted as a method to make children complete their work.

Are you confused what to do when students don’t do their homework?There are several ways in which you can actually make your kids do the homework:

  1. As teachers

Try to keep the homework a low key. Do not give them a huge burden of it. Even then if the kid fails to turn in their assignments, don’t drop straight A’s on their sheets. You are the higher authority; you certainly have the power but do not utilise it in an unfair way.

You can certainly become a stern figurein front of them and instil fear in them, but the limit should only go up to a certain level. Do not become a nightmare for your students. There is a logical difference between a healthy dose of fear and aversion towards a teacher.

Help them understand the subject better in class. Not all of them are the same. It is better to have a personal interaction with all your students. When kids are present in the school, you are almost as a single parent to all those kids.It is your duty as well as your responsibility to let your students be made aware of all the necessary subject facts.You need to be a better guide to them by paying attention to all of their study related issues.

  1. As elder siblings

You are well aware of the kind of burden you had to carry with yourself each day back in school. Help your younger ones with your experience. Your interaction can help them and make their homework time better. Show them the proper way to construct a project. They might just mess it up if you do not guide them with their homework.

When they are done with their homework, spend some time with them by playing their favourite sport. It is better to take your siblings out on breaks when they are tired of all the homework. Do lend down your notes. Your notes can be a great help to them as they will get more subject related information and also ask for your assistance if they get stuck at any point. It is always considered a good factor when you become the third parent your brother or sister needs the most.

  1. As parents

If you are still puzzled about what to do when students don’t do their homework,then try some different method.Start making a personal space for your children. Give them a separate and comfortable room they need to get their work done.

Appreciation goes a long way in boosting the morale of a child. Praise them when they complete their work on time.It is also advisable to reason with them when they don’t want to understand the rights and wrongs in executing their homework. Do not be too harsh or too hard on them.They may not be able to differentiate the reason of your harshness.

Spend time with them and make your presence felt. Indulge yourself; be intrigued when it comes to your child and their studies. Don’t leave your kid alone letting them do their homework the way they want it to be. It may not be a wise decision when it comes to your child’s academic progress.

Final Note:

Above all, as teachers, elder siblings, and parents; do not forget to have personal interactions with them and be present for them whenever they need your help and support.

To put it in a very practical way, your kids are humans with a lot of emotions but no experience to channelize these expressions. You need not run around thinking what to do when students don’t do their homework.

The answer is very simple; be a constant presence in their lives. They may think that they don’t need you, but you know the answer better than your kids. It is better that you talk to them, understand them and spend time with them. They aren’t adamant all the time. Help them see reason and encourage them to follow the correct path to success.