What Strategies Should Teachers Follow to Convince Their Students to Complete Homework?

17 Oct What Strategies Should Teachers Follow to Convince Their Students to Complete Homework?

The true fact behind students of this generation

The major problem that most teachers face with students of this generation is that they are not at all independent. By independent, I did not mean that they must be self-sustaining. By independent I meant that they must be able to go through with all the tasks that a student is expected to do without the need for any sort of intervention from their parents.

Parent’s interference with the curriculum a teacher is following is extremely disgusting to say the least. While this problem is relatively less as far as coaching centers are concerned, it great increases in case of home tutors. One of the major ways in which a teacher can get rid of such interventions from parents is by adopting ways and means to teach online from profession online help websites. This will not only save a lot of extra effort, but at the same time, it will also help the teacher earn a lot more money sitting at his or her home itself.

Speaking from personal experience, there are parents who ought to sit down along with his or her child to study and understand the chapter. They do this to ensure that in the event that their child forgets something, they will be able to explain it to him or her.

For a teacher, there can’t be anything more annoying than this! I have been facing similar problems wherein I had to clear the doubts of both my student and her mother which was frustrating to say the least. I wasn’t getting paid for teaching two students now was I? Her mother used to prepare readymade questions for her which she literally mugged up without even understanding and then if any of the questions in the question paper was unfamiliar, I was to blame.

During my school day, my teachers always asked me to go through by lessons thoroughly as no one can predicts from which corner of the text questions are going to come and yes that was really helpful as it did not enclose me with a finite set of questions rather, by understanding the chapters, I could answers most questions that were related to it and yes that indeed is the best approach.

However, most students whom I have been teaching for the last few years are greatly dependent on noted and study materials despite the fact that they already have their book to content with. Actually, most students today don’t even read the text thoroughly. Instead, they just learn the notes and study materials handed over by educational institutions. This by no means is a good practice and is spoiling the habit of students of this generation

Major Excuses for students

When it comes to homework’s, students have a wide range of excuses. These start from the easiest and the most common one, “I forgot!” If this excuse had become common for that day, then the student moves on to some other excuse. While some excuses are extremely ominous at time, there are a plenty of excuses that are funny to say the least. However, the teacher must not fall for these funny excuses else he or she will definitely lose his or her grasp on the students.

Well, our problem deals with all the problems related to the teacher student relationship. This blog ought to provide you with all the information you need in the event that you are a student or a teacher and are facing a problem of some sort. In the event that you are a teacher and you are often unable to maintain the decorum of the class room, then you have come to the right place. All you need to do is take a look at the “Approached to build a positive atmosphere in your classroom?

Top 5 strategies that are adopted by teachers to get their students do their home tasks

Over the year’s teacher have adopted new ways and means in order to get their students to do their homework’s and submit them on time. This article revolves around various ways and means that teachers today adopt in order to get their students submit their homework’s on time. Listed below are the 5 most commonly used strategies by teachers all across the globe:

  • Schedule:

Sit with students individually and then ask them about the schedule they follow at home. Once you have carefully studied the schedule of each student, all you need to do is prepare a new one for them, with the consent of their parents and hand it over to them. For this you must have the full authority of the child. This is something parents of this generation are not much likely to do.

However, it is for certain that if a teacher isn’t given complete authority over the children then the teacher isn’t supposed to be blamed for the poor results of the children as well. For this, the most important thing is the consent of the parents as they are the ones with whom the child spends most of his or her time.

  • Using incentives:

This is a technique that has not only been followed by teachers but also by students in or der to ensure that a student does his or her homework on time. Teachers may lay out small incentives such as “If all your sums are completed correctly then I will treat you at dominos.” This technique however, is a lot more common as far as parents are concerned. Parents in most cases are more acquainted with the demands of a child. As a result, they will be well aware of what their child desires the most.

  • Friendly approach:

Another approach that most teachers of this generation turn to is a more friendly approach. Teachers who turn to this approach believe that getting things from a student’s such as home tasks would be a lot easier if they were more like a friend to their student. This approach has several advantages over the traditional strict approach as it makes the student a lot more comfortable with the teacher which in turn enables the student to share all his / her problems with the teacher.

Even if there is some serious problem, the student may end up sharing. I had a student whose parents were separated and he lived with his mother at her place. He had a grandmother who was mentally challenged. All it contributed to the atmosphere at his home which did not allow him to study. Yes such problems exist where in the student is serious yet is unable to complete his or her tasks.

Hence, in today’s world, maintaining a friendly relationship with students can turn out to be extremely fruitful.

  • Get / Give reviews from / to parents regularly:

If the teacher interacts with the parent on a daily basis then it is for certain that there will be a lot of transparency between the parent and the teacher. This is important as it often happens that a student performs poorly in a subject and then he or she puts the blame on his or her teacher by saying that various portions of the syllabus haven’t been completed.

This problem can be solved by maintaining a diary wherein the teacher must list all the homework’s and also give reviews on the previous day’s homework.

  • Show students the bigger picture:

Another problem with students of this generation is that they fail to look at the bigger picture. The teacher must give his or her students a clear idea of the current scenario in his or her country and the lack of opportunities.

There are various other strategies and ways in which teachers tackle their students and increase their urge of submitting home tasks on time. For such details continue reading the various articles in our blog.