What Strategies Should Teachers Follow to Convince Their Students to Complete Homework?

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The true fact behind students of this generation

The major problem that most teachers face with students of this generation is that they are not at all independent. By independent, I did not mean that they must be self-sustaining. By independent I meant that they must be able to go through with all the tasks that a student is expected to do without the need for any sort of intervention from their parents.

Parent’s interference with the curriculum a teacher is following is extremely disgusting to say the least. While this problem is relatively less as far as coaching centers are concerned, it great increases in case of home tutors. One of the major ways in which a teacher can get rid of such interventions from parents is by adopting ways and means to teach online from profession online help websites. This will not only save a lot of extra effort, but at the same time, it will also help the teacher earn a lot more money sitting at his or her home itself.

Speaking from personal experience, there are parents who ought to sit down along with his or her child to study and understand the chapter. They do this to ensure that in the event that their child forgets something, they will be able to explain it to him or her.

For a teacher, there can’t be anything more annoying than this! I have been facing similar problems wherein I had to clear the doubts of both my student and her mother which was frustrating to say the least. I wasn’t getting paid for teaching two students now was I? Her mother used to prepare readymade questions for her which she literally mugged up without even understanding and then if any of the questions in the question paper was unfamiliar, I was to blame.

During my school day, my teachers always asked me to go through by lessons thoroughly as no one can predicts from which corner of the text questions are going to come and yes that was really helpful as it did not enclose me with a finite set of questions rather, by understanding the chapters, I could answers most questions that were related to it and yes that indeed is the best approach.

However, most students whom I have been teaching for the last few years are greatly dependent on noted and study materials despite the fact that they already have their book to content with. Actually, most students today don’t even read the text thoroughly. Instead, they just learn the notes and study materials handed over by educational institutions. This by no means is a good practice and is spoiling the habit of students of this generation

Major Excuses for students

When it comes to homework’s, students have a wide range of excuses. These start from the easiest and the most common one, “I forgot!