What Do You Think- Homework Is a Boon or Bane? Justify!

20 Apr What Do You Think- Homework Is a Boon or Bane? Justify!

So, are you concerned about the effectiveness of homework solving? If you just answered yes, it’s quite natural that you have started searching answers for- “Homework is a boon or bane? Justify!

Do you know any student who loves doing his homework? Have you ever heard any of your elders saying that homework solving has ruined their lives? Since the answers to both of these questions are ‘No’, don’t you think that it’s not easy to come to a definite justification?

The relationship between a student and his homework has never been a good one. With the fact that education is getting more and more difficult day by day, students are always burdened with loads of homework. While some look for excuses to escape from the homework solving process, there are many who finish off their work in a hurry.

Experts all over the wide are engaged in a never ending debate like- “Homework is a boon or bane? Justify!” Since there are not enough evidences in either of these beliefs, it’s important that ‘both the sides of the coin’ are considered!

Read on to know the conclusion!

“Homework is a boon or bane? Justify!” – Positive effects!

  1. Better understanding of the subject

Teachers assign homework on every topic of a chapter. This helps you in understanding the subject in a better way. Once you start solving your homework on a regular basis, it helps you to have in-depth knowledge about the chapter. This helps in improving your overall awareness of the subject.

  1. Better academic grades

Everyone dreams of having the perfect grade, isn’t it? Well, homework helps you to achieve that! Since assignments carry important grades along with them it boosts your overall grade at the end of a semester. Moreover, this regular homework solving even boosts your performance during the exam as you develop a better understanding of your entire subject.

  1. Time-management

Teachers allot respective submission deadlines to each of the homework they assign. This helps in having better efficiency of your time once you return from school. Since homework is assigned on a number of subjects, it helps students to learn the skills to manage their time outside school.

From having homework planner to dividing the entire work into various manageable tasks, students are able to learn various skills which will help them in all spheres of life.

  1. Responsibility

With increase in their level of education, the load of homework keeps on rising. While some may feel this to be bad, the reality is that it makes students more responsible. By handling increased pressure, youare able to learn important skills which will help you to have responsibility and accountability!

Homework is a boon or bane? Justify!– Cons

  1. Over-load

Students are often burdened with homework in most of their subjects; each having immediate submission deadlines. Further, it’s true that it’s not possible for every student to handle this over-load of homework. This forms to be a major negative effect for students.

  1. Stress

Since it becomes difficult for many to handle the excessive pressure of homework, many suffer from homework stress. Being unable to handle the excessive pressure of homework, students often lag behind their classmates and thus fail to obtain good grades. After failing to match up to the expectations of their parents and teachers, students start taking stress. This further leads to a sense of fear and panic among them.

  1. Monotonous affair

Solving homework often turns to be a monotonous affair for students. It happens especially in case of theory-based assignments where students have to deal with bookish concepts only. Being unable to find any newness in their work, there are students who start to hate their homework solving process. This results in their sense of boredom!

Expert’s Justification

According to a research conducted by experts at Duke University between 1987 and 2003, it has been revealed that homework indeed has an affirmative effect on students. Experts believe that the process of regular assignment solving indeed helps a student in his path to achieve academic excellence.

This study clearly depicts that in spite of having few cons, the effects of homework are always on a favorable side. Parents and teachers all over the world have always attributed homework as a blessing in the growth and development of a student.

From inheriting good values to learning the right skills, the merits of homework solving are such that no matter how hard you try to hate it, it will always have a positive impact on you. The study has further revealed that it is the high school students who benefit the most with regular homework solving.

Homework solving has always been the secret to a student’s achievement. With this result and justification, don’t you think that you have got the answer to “Homework is a boon or bane? Justify!” Time to fall in love with homework, readers!