What Are the Excuses for Not Having Your Homework

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Are you getting difficulties in doing homework due to lack of time? Did you face any sudden health problem? Is it very critical for you because a lot of guests had come last day? These can create problems for you and thus if you want to extend your time, then you may have to use some excuses for not having your homework. So, what are the best ways to get excuses?

Go with the following points and it will give you the complete assistance:

  • Get time from your teacher

Suppose you did not complete your homework, but you can do if you have some more time. In that case, you should inform to your teacher. This is one of the best ways through which you can easily get time from you teacher and submit it in the next class or within a few days.

What would be the right excuse that you should tell your teacher? You must understand that if you tell the truth to your teacher, then he or she will understand your condition and then you can extend your time. In this way you can easily grab the solution you are looking for. But, what time you have extended from your teacher that must be in your mind.

  • Health problem

Excuse can be done in anyway, but it depends on the person that he understands the condition or not. If he is not able to understand the condition, then you must go with the excuses that meet your situation. So, here is an excellent excuse that is health problem.

You may inform your teacher that due to sudden stomach ache or indigestion, you were unable to complete your homework. In case the teacher desire to contact your guardian, then you must inform them before that you could not complete your work due to some problem.

This is one of the excuses for not having your homework. Girls go with this excuse often as many times their weak health or heavy load of work creates problem.

Believe it or not, but many girls diet in their college stage and find out difficulties, more over it is an excellent one for them

  • File corrupted

A number of students say that they had some problems in the computer or laptop and thus their software get corrupted. Thus, they are unable to complete their homework on time. You must say that you have already started the homework in the other document file.

So, in this time you must inform in that way through which you can easily get excuses for not having your homework from your teacher. The teacher sometimes understands it, but sometimes he may doubt in case a student go with it always.

  • Unsaved document deleted

Many times students do not save their document and thought to save at last. But, in that case sudden power failure or sudden low battery can crash the file. So, it became very difficult to understand the matter as auto saves also create difficulties.

I understand this problem as I did not have laptop on that time and what I did. I typed the project in MS Word and after completing it I saved. This was not a good way of getting solution. I faced the most common problem as due to sudden power failure or loose connection of wire I got many disturbances.

This became problematic and I did not get exact excuse because it happened every week. I did not go the matter that why I repeated that. This had created problem, but after 3 times of excuse, when my faculty punished me, then it became difficult for me and I started doing the things in a proper way.

  • Concept was not clear

This can be your perfect excuse in which you will get a lot of hint from your faculty and friends and then you can easily complete your work on the next day. Any student who face that there are a few difficulties in the work, they can easily get this excuse and ask to clear the concept. This means you did not understand the homework.

This may be an excuse, but in reality, many students do that, and they also face some problems. In a case you are serious about your homework and you are not able to understand this, then you must go with “Do you know what to do if you don’t understand your homework?