Here Are Some of the Ways Regarding How to Remember Homework Assignments!

29 Jun Here Are Some of the Ways Regarding How to Remember Homework Assignments!

My child is a diligent student. The only problem is that she does not remember her homework!”

This was a mother complaining to me about her otherwise obedient daughter, who once again was called up by her teacher for non-completion of her homework. It is not just this mother, but there is a host of other parents who have a similar query with no remedy as such. Being an education counselor, this how to remember homework assignments query has been one of the most frequent cases that I have had to deal with.

Hence after a complete research and subsequent experiments; I could surely share out these details with you. I had tried out these with a group of students for a fortnight, and it turned out to be quite an amazing experience. Hence, it is best that you should try out these and see for yourself the difference in your child.

Ideas on how to remember homework assignments:

The idea that was touted as quite wild was started off as merely an experiment to ensure that children remembered to complete their work.

Based on this I took up a handful of students of the seventh standard of the school that I am professionally attached to and carried out a strict schedule with them. Their parents were of real help, and now you too can try out these techniques.

  • Topic wise study for them on a regular basis:

What most of the students, as I have seen from personal experience do, during their homework is that they have a haphazard mode of studying? Naturally, they miss out on their homework on a specific topic.

Keeping this in mind, I prepared a timetable for that handful students and cross-checked with their parents regarding this. In this way, when they were studying, they had to consider each topic specifically, and at that very moment the related homework also came out. Naturally, chances of missing out homework were diminished completely.

As a parent, you just need to monitor that your child follows the routine carefully. Leave the rest of the work on his or her brain and see the problem of how to remember homework assignments solved!

  • Set up alarm at a specific time:

It is scientifically proven that sound can work wonders for the human brain. In this way, make sure that you make use of alarm clock to ensure that your child remembers completing his or her homework.

I had asked the concerned parents whose children were part of this experiment to set the alarm at a specific time on an everyday note. After missing out for 2 or 3 days, the students immediately started remembering that they had work to do. After a fortnight, it had become a routine for them.

  • Fixed homework time:

In coordination with thesetting of an alarm, the homework time was fixed. Students were strictly not allowed to do any study prior to that time period. Naturally, after some days, within the period of experiment, students themselves started remembering that they had homework assignments to continue.

  • Maintain a homework diary:

For parents and students who have this confusion as to how to remember homework assignments,it is best that they have a small diary that can be used for noting down homework for every subject.

I made sure that the handful students had a separate diary and carried it to school every day and noted down all the important works. In this way, when they went back home, they simply had to consult that diary and all their works would just be before them.

  • Make a checklist:

A sticky note on the door! Before starting off with my group of students I tried out this technique with my niece. Since I had an idea of her homework; I made a checklist of all the important topics to cover and stuck it on the refrigerator. This truly worked wonders!

Only after I was sure of this with my niece did I try it out with the group of students who were ready for this experiment. I also asked the parents to keep track of their homework and prepare a checklist in this way.

The moment each of the topics was completed, it was ticked off, and surely this was a new step towards solving the problem of how to remember homework assignments.

  • Instant mailing facility:

Complete your work and mail them to your teacher’s mail immediately, or keep a copy in your mail address. In this way, you can never forget your homework assignments.

Initially, when I had put forth these ideas on how to remember homework assignments, it was not quite appreciated. However, I feel proud to state that we have had a successful result and more and more parents are taking up this topic now.

Do you have some more ideas to add on? Why don’t you mail back your ideas and queries? We are waiting for all your answers!