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In Financial Management, the dividend is an important term and it explains about a part of net profits of a company that gets distributed among all shareholders. In addition, the profit is also used in retaining business. There are certain dividends theory and these are important for students to understand.

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What do you mean by Walters Model Theory?  

The Walter’s Model Theory of Dividend explains that the value of an enterprise gets affected by the choices of the various dividend policies. Walters’s model explains that the relationship between ‘k’ the cost of capital and ‘r’ the rate of return in finding out the dividend policy and this maximizes the shareholder’s wealth.

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What are the various assumptions on which Walter’s model based?

The various assumptions are as follows –

  • A company finances all its investments only through its earning or better to say retained earning. It indicates that there is no chance for new equity or debt.
  • The internal rate return of a firm or r and its capital’s cost k are constant.
  • Reinvested in the business or complete distributions as dividends are the prime way of utilization of the net profit income.
  • Very long life is assumed for a better future of a firm. It means it has an infinite life.
  • Dividends and beginning earnings never change. Earning per share value and dividend on every share may be changed.

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Exact formula to know market value of each share

P = D/ K + r (E-D)/ K/ K

There are two sources of present values –

  • Constant dividends infinite stream
  • Stream gains of gains

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