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Visual FoxPro in Brief

This programming language is not continued anymore. This programming language is procedural, data centric and object oriented. Microsoft was the creator of this which was obtained from FoxPro. This was primarily known as FoxBASE. Fox software at the beginning of 1984 developed it. Fox Technologies and Microsoft merged in 1992. After this, it received new features, and the term Visual was added to it. More details found in our Visual FoxPro homework help.

The version 2.6 of FoxPro worked on Unix, Dos, Mac OS and Windows. The first version 3.0 of Visual Version of FoxPro had the supporting platform reduced. It only supported on Mac OS and Windows. The versions which came out later (from 5-9) supported only on Windows platform. The recent Visual FoxPro version is based on COM. And according to Microsoft, they won’t be creating a version of .NET. Visual FoxPro homework help gives a more detailed oriented report for our clients on this topic.

Sample Codes of Visual FoxPro

Similar commands can be found in Visual FoxPro as in other programming languages. For example, BASIC has the same qualities which are found in FoxPro. The loops which include else, do, while, if, for commands are similar in both languages. The similarities make it easy for people to understand these languages. Two types of command form are here the command and the end command.

Its extensive library has predefined objects which are visual and classes. This library is accessed by the property sheets in IDE. Codes like this define objects and classes require extraordinary purposes and framework of the large systems. Know more about sample codes of it by ordering Visual FoxPro assignment help.

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