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Visual Basic: A Third Generation Programming Language

This event-driven programming language derived from BASIC enables rapid application development of the GUI applications.  It aids in access to the database using Data Access objects. A student pursuing the tutorial on Visual Basic will learn how the integrated development environment from Microsoft enables remote data objects and creates Active X controls and objects. A trainee will be able to use programs written in Visual Basic in Windows API, using dialogue box and patterns, building a visual basic hello world application with .NET core and so on and so forth.

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This is one of the languages that have a powerful front-end tool. It helps to achieve simple as well as complex business requisites in a more straightforward manner. Once a trainee is trained he is good to create software interface with codes that can be used in the graphical environment. The assignments based on this involve several aspects to be taken care of. It is time-consuming and demands attention. This is one of the reasons why students wish for professional help.

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