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What is the main purpose of Black and Scholes Model?

The main aim of Black and Scholes Model is to find out the theoretical price of the options of European puts. This is a mathematical formula used for the financial market to derive an exact option for European-style. This model was put by Myron Scholes and Fisher Black.

It was actually an equation comes under “Partial Differential Equation,” but its success made it Black – Scholes Equation. This calculation is done through an equation and during the activation period of that option, it ignores any kind of dividends. The model is important and the ex-dividend value of date can be calculated by the formula.

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What are the various assumptions of Black and Scholes model?

The various assumptions are as follows-

  • The options must be European and applied at expiration.
  • During the option’s lifetime no dividends are there to be paid out.
  • Market is efficient
  • No commissions
  • Lognormal distributions are followed and thus underlying return has the normal distribution.
  • There is a volatility and risk-free rate and these are constant

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