Understand the 7 Rules You Must Violate To Finish Writing Your Thesis

Finish Writing Your Thesis
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Tensions and worries never leave your side if you are in college. The most pathetic time for students starts when they have to deal with thesis paper. I was in trouble too while writing my thesis. I was following the same pattern which I used for my school essay writings. But it didn’t work for me at that time.

Throughout the process, I search for what should I do and should not do to complete my thesis. I ended up with some brilliant ideas that will help you to finish your thesis. There are some rules that you must infringe to create a masterpiece. Violation of traditional rules of writing will work in the arena of thesis writing. Here, know the 7 Rules You Must Violate to Finish Writing Your Thesis.

  1. Follow a time schedule:

Start writing after the day you get your assignment. Investing two to three hours daily in writing is what you focused to finish your thesis in time. But if pressure is high then you can extend your time. Following time schedule is always beneficiary for you but you don’t have to do this all the time.

Taking the help from your online help partner will guide you for research, thesis topic, study and many more. You can violate your time management if you find external help.

  1. Maintain the thesis format:

Starting from the introduction to the conclusion a thesis must be written in format. But when you are in university you are free to use your own creative writing skills. A traditional thesis format cannot cage your writing talent. You can violate the 2nd rule of thesis format out of 7 Rules You Must Violate to Finish Writing Your Thesis.

Writing small paragraphs is far better than big paragraphs. Change the style to engage more reader to your thesis.

  1. Focus:

Research, study, writing are the most important part of your life while the thesis submission deadline is near. But what will you do if your phone is buzzing; get multiple notifications at your study time? ‘It won’t take time to reply to Martha.’ your mind said. But one reply can start the conversation which leads you to out of focus.

Total disconnection will be needed from phone and internet during your study time. High concentration needs from your side so violate the using of a cell phone in the name of study discussion. Discuss with your friends before you start your writing and avoid any kind of other distraction.

  1. Missed a day:

It is not possible every time that you cope up with your daily writing schedule. Sometimes in some scenario, you may miss your day. It may be due to a health issue or some writing block. If you skip your day then try to work hard for the next day and make this up. If you refuse to spend extra energy to get back in track then this will be cumbersome to complete.

Violate the rule of 2 hours a day. If you skip one day then give your project 4 hours next day. Try to avoid a weekend break and also a week break. If you do miss then increase the time of your writing for a whole week. This will stress you out and the effect will show on your writing. So, don’t be stressed and try to get help from online assignment help if pressure is out of your notch.

  1. Grammar and spelling error! Not accepted:

When you write your thesis one thing that you must violate the thinking you are always correct in grammar. Self-confidence about no-grammar error might get the boomerang to you in a negative way. You must check grammatical mistakes always though you think you are 100% correct. In thesis writing violation of grammatical error can decrease your score.

This is one of the main points of 7 Rules You Must Violate to Finish Writing Your Thesis.I know this sounds silly but not every person in the world is good at English. Before you submit your thesis check and re-check for your spelling errors too. Edit by yourself after checking it. Don’t miss any strands.

  1. Writing should not be forced:

If you ever feel that you don’t want to write at any moment then you must stop it. You can’t force yourself to write. Writing needs motivation and inspiration. Whenever you feel that pen and paper are calling you that time you should not stop yourself to write. Go, grab your paper and start writing.

One of the things that you should know that the place of writing is very effective for your work.go somewhere where you are comfortable in writing. It can be anywhere like shed under a tree, or deck of your house, the green grass or open sky. It also can be your study desk, bed or leaving the room.

So chose the place and be comfortable as much as you can then only you can write your thesis. When you are free of worries and discomfort then only you can focus on good writing.

  1. Giving up on your first negative result

When there are many experts are working on thesis writing then it is tough competition for beginners. There might be a chance that you could be rejected for your first submission and broken. Hopelessness surrounds you. An uncertainty gathers in your heart. At this stage, if you fail then you will never be able to start again. Having faith and hope in your heart will always lead you to light.

Gather courage and start working the day you fail. Don’t lose confidence in you. Don’t repeat the same mistakes that you did for the first thesis. Give you another chance and start research, analyze and write.

The above rules are the most effective rules for writing your thesis. The follow the rules of 7 Rules You Must Violate to Finish Writing Your Thesis. I can give you the clarity that this blog will help you.

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