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What exactly is under capitalization?

Any circumstance which causes limitation or constraint in a firm to obtain their required funds is termed as under capitalization. Similar to the situation of over capitalization, the owned capital, in this case, is extremely less than the borrowed capital in business.

Common reasons for under capitalization

Here we are focusing on few common reasons of under capitalization with a brief explanation of those.

  • Random increase in earnings

During the time of recovery after the period of depression, many companies find themselves to be under capitalized because of random increase in earnings.

  • Conservative dividend policy

There are few companies who follow this policy to plunge back their earnings after creating more than enough income from renewals, depreciation, and replacements. This increases the actual share values of those companies.

  • Maintaining high efficiency

Improvement in company efficiency can be achieved when they adopt upgraded production techniques. When efficaciousness of a company increases, the profits of that company will also increase. This hike in profit exceeds the actual firm value than its book value.

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Problematic areas that are solved by

Students usually get confused with few aspects of under capitalization like,

  • High Return on Equity Capital
  • Current Ratio
  • Low proprietary Ratio

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