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What are the Types of Exchange Risks?

The exchange risk market is a financial tradition currency, where base currency is different from the denominated currency. The types of exchange rate are as follows-

  • Transaction Exposure- This risk has taken place due to its predetermined cash flow on a fixed date. This cash flow affects the payables and receivables in a firm. The exchange rate of exchange fluctuating between the date of transaction and rate of settlement.
  • Economic Exposure- This risk is responsible when market value is affected by some unexpected fluctuation rate of exchange. The chances may influence in such a way that share value of the firm, future cash flow and the exact cash value.  There are two different types as directly or indirectly.
  • Translation Exposure- In making everything perfect, sometimes statements of financial cash flow from all other overseas branches of the company get interpreted to its home currency.
  • Contingent Exposure- This kind of exposure takes place when foreign when foreign projects bidding or any kind of contract or investments is done.

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