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Financial report or statement helps a company learn their financial position, cash flow and their performance on that accounting year. It is an important document since it is required by investors to find information on investment possibilities.

But it’s not just investors but also creditors and lenders too who need this financial narrative from the perspectives of management. Want to know more? Then get a complete Type of Financial Statements Analysis Assignment Help today.

What arefinancial statement and its purpose?

Financial report is a financial structure through which a business, a person or even an entity learns about financial condition on the whole. This is a very easy to understand statement where important footnotes and management discussion with an analysis is written down. To understand financial report you must find out the purposes of preparing it in the first place. These are some of them from Type of Financial Statements Analysis Assignment Help:

  • Managerial department requires the financial report for taking necessary business steps that will prove to be fruitful in near future.
  • This is a detailed work of variables that is reliable, easy-to-understand and comparable. For its competence, it’s used as an annual report by management toward stockholders.
  • Employees require this financial report for collective bargaining when involved in labor union and also in discussion for promotions, compensation,
  • Investors find this statement useful for learning profitability against their investments.
  • Financial institutes such as banks require this report for gathering information on any company and if they should grant any working capital or not?

Types of financial statement analysis:

You’ll find from Type of Financial Statements Analysis Homework Help that basically there are four types of financial statements that need to be focused upon. They are:

  • Balance sheet:

When a balance sheet is written down, there are certain facts found very commonly. They are owner’s equity, amount of assets and liabilities. As these variables are positionedon a balance sheet, this is called statement of financial position.

  • Income statement:

This is the report through which you’ll find about a company’s income, expense and after balancing the profit of the year. Each action taken to obtain profit is also noted down since that is important such as sales and other related expenses. This is why it is called Statement of revenue and expense.

  • Statement of equity changes:

From Type of Financial Statements Analysis Homework Help, you’ll find that this is also known as equity statement since it records changes in equity in any accounting period.

  • Cash flow statement:

It’s the fourth type where a company’s activities involving cash flow such as financing, investing, etc. is noted down.

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