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Companies can compare their business decisions over time with ratio analysis. This is performed with analyzing different financial documents and their charts. That way they can learn their current financial condition. It becomes quite clear if their position is increasing or decreasing in market.

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What is trend analysis?

This is a type of ratio analysis by which different financial documents and charts of multiple accounting periods prior to that are compared to find trend or pattern of a metric with equal standards. You’ll get to know from Trend Ratios Assignment Help that it helps analysts and managers decide on future business matters.

Trend analysis is done using different types of methods. There are chances to use these methods:

  • Ratio analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Financial statement analysis.

But one thing we must inform is that these analyses are quite dependent on each other and performs with almost similar strategies.

Trend ratios that are using financial ratios as their ground can be tricky since companies can easily change their industries. By doing so comparing their different accounting periods will be useless because they can change their accounting techniques and inventories.

Let’s study the differences:

Although from Trend Ratios Homework Help you’ll find ratio analysis, financial ratio analysis and then trend analysis playing their cards side by side, actually they are quite different in their definitions. Let’s find out:

  • Financial ratio analysis is what compares peer groups of different companies in same industry.
  • Ratio analysis slightly makes a difference by comparing performances of companies in a certain given time.
  • Finally, trend analysis will compare same metric in different accounting periods by collecting data on them. This is applied to gather information on pattern or trend used in the business.

Methods of using this analysis:

As we have already mentioned that there are different ways to perform this analysis from Trend Ratios Homework Help, let’s find out how it is done:

  • When using technical methods, past data on a company’s available stock is gathered with their current price, primary values and their quantity.
  • In using fundamental method, there is no use of technical analysis, but rather they switch to apply comparing charts and databy ratio analysis.
  • Ratio analysis is not only useful for fundamental methods but also has its own importance since it provides data on liquidity and profitability of that business.

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