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What is Trend Analysis in FDI? – Lets explain!

We must tell us that foreign investment is necessary for improving the economic situation of any country. Foreign Direct Investment or FDI is acquired by the developing nations, as it can be useful for combating monetary shortage, trigger production and yield new productivity through the implementation of state of the art technology.

Some of the prime factors of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) include:

  • Market growth
  • Structures of market
  • Global and Regional market accessing
  • Realizing the seeking market
  • Consumer preference as per countries
  • Market size as per captaincy

Research is taking place constantly for predicting the market scene regarding the economic and financial situation of nations. The research works conducted provide researchers with an idea regarding the reforms that are necessary in the days to come, assist in looking at the past economic scenario and comparing economic statuses as well as accordingly calculating them for more improvement.

It is important to understand the routes or paths of inflow for FDI to get Trend Analysis in FDI Assignment Help. There are two types of routes:

  • Through subsidiary that is entirely owned by joint venture, followed by acquisition
  • Portfolio Investment, via FDI (Foreign Indirect Investment)

There are many routes for FDI, such as Re-invest Dearing, Unincorporated bodies, equity capital, and acquisition of shares, NRI, RBI, government, equity and various other types of capital.

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