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For debit and credit, two different rules are applied, but the motive is similar. One such rule is traditional approach and another one is modern approach.

As per the convenience of business portfolio, different organizations follow any one of this approach. Considering the traditional rules of debit and credit, it is subdivided into three accounting types.

Types of accounts:

  1. Personal Accounts:

According to traditional rules of debit and credit, the rule for personal account financial transactions include- you have to debit the receiver and credit the giver.

  1. Real Accounts:

While considering the real account, whatever comes in will be debited and whatever goes out will be credited.

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The substances that come in include furniture, equipment, etc. and the replacement of such items will be listed in the credit section.

  1. Nominal Accounts:

Here, you have to debit all the expenses of a company along with its losses if any. For the credit section, you have to enter all incomes statistics along with profit if any.

According to the traditional rule for debit and credit-

  • Personal Accounts include capital brought into the business, bank accounts, loan account of a partner, outstanding salary accounts, interest accrued accounts, etc.
  • Real Accounts include building purchased, cash paid, sales accounts, cash received, furniture purchased, sales returns, etc.
  • Nominal Accounts includediscount allowed, interest received, entertainment expenses, commission paid, etc.

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