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What is TQM?

The abbreviation TQM means Total Quality Management. This term is used for improving the ability of a company for providing better services and high-quality products. This always aims to improve the quality and techniques of the services. The Total Quality Management tries to improve the quality by adopting quality of six sigmas.

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Features of Total Quality Management

The features of Total quality management are as follows –

  • Customer’s requirements characterize quality.
  • For the improvement of quality, the top officials of the management are completely responsible.
  • Quality improvement indicates the determination of the organization as well as it signifies that it is a constant struggle.
  • Systematic analysis plays an important part for the enhancement of several work techniques as well as in increasing quality.

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Categories of Total quality management

 The Total Quality Management is categorized in seven categories. These categories are –

  • Leadership
  • Workforce
  • Strategy
  • Customers
  • Operations
  • Results
  • Analysis, measurements and knowledge management.

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