Top 5 Ways to Follow for Doing High-Quality Assignments

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As a teacher who has been associated with a number of projects and assignments, it has been quite an experience on my part to find various students presenting a singular topic in unique ways. Also, I have come across students, who have had certain great ideas within their assignments, yet the haphazard manner in which they were placed was truly disheartening.

It was specifically one incident that made me realise that most of the students, do not concentrate on the physical presentation of the assignment as they carry on with it. One of my best students once made an assignment which was qualitatively quite high. However, the biggest negative factor in that assignment was the presentation.

Naturally, this leads him to get fewer marks than another student whose standards of presentation was quite high. It so happened that the matter for certain specific reasons went up to the authorities, and I had to give a special lecture on certain facets of assignments. It is this major issue that led to pen down this blog.

Assignments: An alternative way of learning:

The primary reason why students are given assignments instead of homework is to ensure that they get to the deeper aspects of that specific subject, or a sub-topic within it. It is not quite possible for teachers on a regular basis to explain to them what the major aspects of a specific subject are, detailed analysis of that subject and further studies on that subject.

It is to bring this process to a comparatively easier set-up, that assignments are given. With the help of these assignments, students can themselves deal with the topic at a personal level, understand its various facets and act accordingly. Also, the primary aim was to learn the details of that topic in greater depth.

However, as I have seen that the manner in which students deal with these assignments, in most cases, its major purpose is defeated. Here are certain points by following which students can get a better assignment to submit, as well as learn details associated with the topic in a greater manner.

Strategies to make high-quality assignments:

So, all set for starting off with the assignment? Here are certain tips that will help you improve your quality and fetch you better marks.

  • Extensive research needs to be done

This is what most students do not do, but this needs to be done at the maximum level. The main aim of an assignment is to ensure that students understand the given topic in detail, and make sure that in case of any doubt they have an easy solution to it.

However, most students just do a superficial research work wherein at times even the data do not match. This further leads to poor quality of the assignments, and they get rejected.

So I have noted down some steps here fort you to follow and give your research work that perfect closure.

  • First, note what topic specifically this assignment deals with.
  • Check out certain past and present data associated with that topic.
  • Make sure that the data that is finalised should be authentic.
  • There are a number of professional websites online that present you with the data that is required for that specific domain.
  • Plan out those points that need to be included in that assignment.
  • Combine external reference material with the primary text and then do final

Thus, with these points, you can definitely make a high-end assignment.

  • A rough sketch needs to be formed

This is a must process that is to be followed. What I have noticed that most of the students do not believe in rough work. They simply want to get to the base of the assignment. This quite, unfortunately, leads to certain major issues as the haphazard placement of points, lack of a standard format and ill presentation of the topic.

Hence, it is imperative that students should make a basic sketch of the whole idea before presenting it finally. This is important for preparing a quality assignment.

  • Personal viewpoints need to be added

What most of the students as I have noticed feel that an assignment is simply a detailed discussion of a certain topic and putting forth of specific points. However, personal viewpoint needs to be added. This makes an assignment looks more natural.

Here I would like to include certain important aspects:

  • Students need to express what they feel about that specific topic clearly.
  • It is also expected of students that they put in some important quotes of people and try to connect them with their ideas.
  • Also, it is best that neutral points of view be given as well to balance the assignments. Certain professors may not enjoy a particular tone.

These are some of the major factors that need to be kept in mind in case you wish to make your assignment one of the best in class. Also, in case you are not aware as to what the benefits of making a good assignment are you can surely check out How more focus and concentration on assignments helps you to be on the top?for details.

  • Connect with other disciplines

Before you submit your assignment, you should make sure that you integrate certain other points regarding what other disciplines speak on the topic. It is imperative that in an assignment, various discussion threads be connected and finally one conclusion be reached.

This gives the concerned professor an idea that the student knows what he or she is writing and has a wide frame of thought. Clearly, this is your trump card to ensure that you have a high-quality assignment ready for presentation.

  • Well formatted presentation

Finally, as I have mentioned before as well, students need to be extremely concerned about the manner in which the assignment is presented. What is required is an alignment of correct ideas in the correct manner.

Hence, I would suggest that you follow certain steps before you finally submit your assignment. Following these would surely help in improving your quality of work.

  • Make sure that you check the order in which the ideas are placed. There should be a specific format followed.
  • Check out the alignment of the project and make sure that it looks great on paper.
  • Put in enough figures and data to support your claims.
  • Make sure that you have a proper introductory page, index and bibliography. Headings of the pages are to be maintained in the correct manner.
  • Proofread your assignment before submission

With all these aspects covered, I am sure that you too will have a perfect assignment of the highest quality for submission!