Top 5 Ways to Encourage Student Learning and Improve Learner Outcomes

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The educational system has undergone numerous modifications over the last few years. While primary education becomes a lot more easily available to students all across the globe than it was a couple of years back, the cost involved is seemingly high. Previously, children had the urge to study yet opportunities were not available.However, with so many educational opportunities available in today’s world, children often tend to deviate from studies and focus on a lot more thing that certainly won’t help them build up a career.

This happens due to the fact that the amounts of distractions that are prevalent in today’s world are too high as compared to a decade or two back. It is due to this fact that parents and teachers today make use of ways and means in order to encourage students towards learning and in turn help them with achieving higher milestones.

Top 5 ways to encourage students towards learning

With so many distractions available for students in today’s world, individuals often look for ways and means to encourage this child towards learning so as to ensure that he or she can have a secure future. Well, that’s exactly what this article will be focusing on.

Listed below are the top 5 ways by which you can encourage children towards their learning:

  • Share your vision:

One of the best ways to encourage your child towards studying is by sharing your vision, i.e. the position you expect your child to be in the future. In addition to this, you must also show your child how it will help him or her in spending his or her entire life. However, this doesn’t mean that you are to impose your expectations on your child.

If you do so, you will not only take your child’s dreams away but at the same time, you will be placing his or her future in jeopardy. If you force your child to pursue a career that he or she doesn’t like that much, then it is for certain that your child will get frustrated with his or her work in the future.

  • Be a friend:

When your student or child performs poorly in his or her examinations, make sure that you don’t increase the pressure on him or her as this ought to discourage the child further more. Instead one must ask him or her regarding the sort of problems he or she faced at the time of examinations, what all went wrong? You must be more like a friend to the child rather than a guardian or a teacher.

This will help ensure that your child is able to share all his or her problems without hesitating. If you can accomplish this, then it is definitely a big accomplishment as a teacher as well as a parent. Nothing can be more encouraging for a child than his or her parents backing him or her no matter what the situation.

This in turn will remove your child’s fear of poor grades during the examinations. If your child is no longer afraid while giving his or her examinations, then he or she ought to be a lot more confident than he or she ordinarily is!

  • Tutor:

Providing a private tutor for your child might as well encourage him or her to put in a bit of extra effort so as to improve his or her outcomes. However, make sure the individual you choose is trustworthy as you will be placing your child’s future in his or her hands and you certainly won’t like to go ahead with that if the person isn’t trustworthy.

Another thing about tutors of today’s generation is that they make use of new ways and means and take into account our day to day life in order to explain various aspects of a chapter.

  • Teaching your child to work smart and not hard:

Working hard is not always the key to success for all individuals. If you child is able to work smarter rather than working harder then he or she will definitely be a lot more successful with respect to hard working individuals.

However, there are certain aspects that require a lot of effort and you child must also learn to work hard under such circumstances. Working smart will help your child to go a long way in his or her future. This sort of approach from the beginning is helpful as it is not possible for an individual to study the entire syllabus as far as the various higher educational courses are concerned.

  • Offer incentives:

This is a technique that worlds out quite well with teenagers. All you need to do is get a fair idea off what he or she desires the most and offers him or her that as an incentive if he or she achieves a certain rank in class or a certain percentage or grade.

However, if the event that you do lay down an incentive in front of your child and he or she does what the incentive demanded you must do what you had promised else this technique in no way is going to work in the near future.

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