Top 5 Tips to Follow Before the Finance Exam

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What is finance?

Finance is that branch of Commercial study which deals with the investment of money and its fall or growth with respect to time, risk and other situations that follow. It mainly consists of the theory of Assets and liabilities which are the commercial terms for the money invested and the money borrowed and their nature of change due to their uncertainty in all situations. Finance is in no way a predictable subject. Nor is it easy for students to grasp Finance as easily as that but it isn’t impossible.

With thorough study and hard work, even finance becomes predictable to geniuses. Geniuses are created when they get all their concepts clear and that happens when one has a tutor. ‘Make the most of tutors for Finance homework-Don’t miss it’ reveals how you can use the help of your tutors to the fullest.

Tips to follow before finance exam

The top 5 tips to follow before the Finance exam are as follows:

  1. Study, don’t mug up:

You must be wondering why your first step is not to mug up but study all the same, is it not? Well, it is so because studying is when you read and understand something that increases your knowledge and mugging up is something that one does only to blurt things out in the exam and then forget the details immediately after that. That is not the right method for studying. You should take each concept, understand it individually and then grasp it in. This way, you are less likely to forget things before the exam, no matter how tricky the questions get.

  1. Train for what you are getting yourself into:

You should know that the questions that will be presented to you might be tricky and confusing. Also, you should prepare yourself to sit up for as many hours as the exams will continue before the exam itself. You should be prepared for sitting for long hours without straining your back. Finance might drain you mentally so you should at least train to be fit physically.

  1. Make sure you are up to date with your studies:

You should NOT keep things for the last moment ever! You should be up to date about whatever you are studying. Keeping anything at all for the last moment only means inviting trouble. Assignments and homework are important but not important enough to completely devoid you of the time that you have set aside for studying for your theory exam. Theory exam might not contain all the marks but it does contain half the marks, which means half your fate is with the theory paper.

  1. Be confident:

The key to success is confidence. Similarly, the key to a good theory paper is confidence. Just remember one thing and that is that if you have studied properly, nothing, mark my words nothing in the world can stop you from giving a good exam. There is no need to be nervous if you have studied things well. Hard work reaps fruit for sure.

  1. Answer practically:

Last but not the least, I would advise you to answer practically using your brains and not that of your textbook because in subjects like Finance, examiners see the application of your knowledge not that of the writers of your textbook.