Top 5 Strategies to Follow so as to Overcome Academic Procrastination

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The one golden rule of studying is never to leave things for tomorrow. Be it new lessons or homework or project, you must try and do it all on the same day itself. This is because if you postpone it for tomorrow, you might also be tempted to postpone it to the next day and this is not something that you’d very much like.

In fact delaying anything for later is a bad habit and you must learn to overcome this tendency because this is sure to bring you down some day or the other.

Why is academic procrastination such a curse?

Academic procrastination is more of a curse than what students might now realize. The one thing that they must understand and accept and follow always is never ever even to think of delaying their work.

Sleep late for a day but make sure that they complete it and then sleep because this way not only will them in learning the importance of time and the proper utilization of it but also inculcate the golden values which are sincerity, dedication and punctuality.

If they do every work with utmost sincerity dedication and punctuality, there is no stopping them from aiming for the stars.Procrastination is in itself a never ending curse if you let it control you once. Think about it, if you’re given some homework, and you delay for the next day, what are odds of you actually completing it the next day? None, right? This is why I say that procrastination is a curse.

It is literally all your laziness summed up trying to stop you from doing things that you must do so surely do despite everything. So, the next time you procrastinate, make sure you shoo the tendency off and do what your brain says.

Why should students avoid procrastinating?

Students should avoid procrastinating because of a long list of reasons but since discussing such a long list isn’t possible, let me just give you a brief of all the things that might go wrong if you do not avoid procrastinating.

When students procrastinate, they only give themselves a short term pleasure, the pleasure that hardly lasts a day and this kind of short term gratification or pleasure is as short term as it can be. Avoiding procrastination has been found to keep a person way happier in the long run than going for it.

When students procrastinate, they allow their sensible side to take rest, prolonged rest might be I add. And this way, you tend to lose out on all the probable ideas that might have made way into your mind otherwise.

When you’re given a project or homework and you sit to complete it probably the last day or a day or two before its submission due to your prolonged procrastination, do you know what you lose? You lose out on your ability to work efficiently because you have less time and heaps of work to do in that little time.

You might get good results out of it but compared to the greatness that you might have achieved otherwise, that is nothing, literally nothing.

Is procrastination really as bad as they make it seem like?

Yes indeed, procrastination is literally as bad as they make it seem like and for all the proper reasons that too.

Not only will procrastination make you an irresponsible adult and a horrible citizen but it will affect your other innate qualities a great deal too. You must remember that even the best of iron rusts when kept unused for a prolonged period. So, if the iron can rust, so can your qualities. Therefore, avoid procrastination and live a happier life.

Why should one seek homework help?

One should seek homework help because if you’re given project or homework, you must not delay it for the simple fact that you have doubts about it. You must go and seek help from online homework help companies which not only have expert professionals under them but also such professionals who sincerely devote their time for you so that you understand everything to utmost perfection.

Top 5 strategies to follow so as to avoid Academic Procrastination

Procrastination of all sorts is bad, like really bad but the worst among those is Academic procrastination. This is because it is ultimately your Academic that will help you achieve your goal in life and if you lag behind in that, you will lose out on the other places where you could have procrastinated in the near future.

However, the 5 strategies to avoid procrastination in Academics are as follows:

  1. Get all your doubts cleared
  • When you get homework or projects or are taught a new lesson, you must make sure that you get all your doubts cleared immediately.
  • When you clear all your doubts, the chances or the excuses that you might give yourself for procrastinating tones down.
  • Once the excuses for procrastinating tones down, you might not have to delay the work at all.
  • You must get all your doubts cleared then and there else which you might as well lose out on both time and quality.
  1. Start your research work on the day you’re given the work
  • When you are given any kind of homework or Project, you have to start researching on that day
  • If you delay your research work for some other day, the chances are that you will never complete your project or homework on time or even if you do, you cannot do it with the brilliance with which you could have otherwise done it.
  • This, on time research work will push you to complete your entire work on time and thereby shoo away your Procrastinating tendencies in a jiffy.
  1. Make a thorough plan
  • You must have a proper work plan before you start your work. Once you research things, collect all the information and data, all you need to do is plan out the order in which you will deal with each topic.
  • This thorough research, a collection of data and plan making are sure to keep you thoroughly busy and this, in turn, will push you to work harder and faster.
  • The faster you do your work, the lower your tendency to procrastinate will be which is precisely why you must always make a study plan.
  1. Keep changing your study room
  • You must keep changing your study room or work room whichever it is because if you sit in one place and keep studying or working like that, you are more prone to procrastinate than ever.
  • Once you feel the pull to delay things for the next day, get up and move to each room and the room which tends to tempt you to do your work, shift your belongings there and keep working.
  • Taking a break is okay but delaying things for an entire day is absolutely
  1. Take breaks and loosen up
  • You must not keep working for prolonged periods of time. A break is something that everybody needs and has the right to have.
  • If you start feeling bored or start to have the tendency to delay things for another day or two, just get up and dance.
  • If that does not help, sing or listen to your favorite loud music after which I’m hundred percent sure you’ll feel like continuing with your never ending work.
  • You should take breaks, drink water and grab a fruit or two in between all the hectic work that you’re doing. This will keep you energized.