Top 5 Learning Problems Faced by Differently Abled Students

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Differently able students:

These are those special children, who are either physically disabled or mentally. They require special care and attention. Disabilities in the life of child affect a lot. They need special attention to perform their daily task. These include their studies also.

The government has opened a special school for these special children. There they got many friends who are also special. They do not feel alone. They can understand that these things are normal and they can do their daily task regularly without the support of anyone. These schools help the child to become independent.

On a personal note, these are the issues that I have faced.

How special schools help the child?

  1. Acceptance

they consult the parent to accept the situation and act accordingly with the child. They guide parent how they can teach their child and how to treat their child. Do not make them feel inferior or they need extra support. Teach them to become independent.

Also, thechild will like the school’s environment because they can get many friends who will understand them. They will feel accepted.

  1. Communication

these teachers are trained to communicate with such child. They know how to interact with the kid and help them in understanding their studies. These schoolshelp a lot to the child to make them educated. Also,these schools have special accessories according to the need of the special child. It makes the task of teaching the child very easy for the teacher.

  1. Motivation

child will feel inferior when he/she can’t perform the daily task which his/her age child can easily do it. You need to teach child different technique which allows the child also to perform the task. School authority will consult parent about the changes required in his room which makes it easy for him/her to do the daily task. It will motivate the child.

  1. Equality

special child is just like a normal child. Treat them properly. Do not make them feel inferior in front of other or give them special attention. School authorities can easily understand it and consult parent and neighbors. Ask them to do the normal task as you ask the normal child to do the work.

  1. Books and notes

their course books and notes are different as compared to a normal child. Schools provide them books which they can read and learn easily. They help them in making notes. Teacher gives special attention to every child. They try to make them understand the concept.

The problem arises when they opt for higher studies. Now they have to compete with normal other children. They do not know anything about the special child. Also, teachers are unaware of the communication technique with a special child.

These are some common problem faced by special children during their higher studies

  1. Lack of attendance

Due to disability, child require special medical attention which results into less attendance in the classroom. Teachers are busy in completing the syllabus. They are not giving special attention as they are required. Also, they are not trained to handle a special child. If child’s attendance is poor, the teacher needs to give extra time to the special child and make him/her understand the concept.

  1. Understanding problem

Communication gap is always there between special child and teacher. Teachers are not trained to handle such child. They are busy in completing their syllabus. They are not interested in student’s problem solving and making them understand the concept. These problems worsen child’s confidence to study and compete.

The child loses enthusiasm to ask the question to the teacher and at last his/her will power to study and achieve something in the life. His/her curiosity will be gone towards study. Whatever has been built in the special school will convert into dust by these acts of higher education professors and teachers.

  1. Solitary learning

In higher studies, the child is usually learning own his own. But a special child needs some extra guidance to understand the concept. When a special child enters for higher studies, suddenly they were left alone to study on their own. This causes huge havoc situation in the child’s mind.

Special school should teach a child to study on their own. This habit will help a child when they are grown. They should teach a child what technique is suitable for them and then allow them to do the homework and learn part on your own for the consider able time period.

  1. Ignorance

Teacher, has a tendency to ignore these special children because they think they are incapable of doing studies like a normal child. They try to keep those children away from the group discussion. These acts de motivate the child, and his performance degrades.

  1. The Same syllabus for every child

It is a common problem in every school. Every child has different capability. Teachers are busy in completing syllabus, and they do not want to judge whether the content is difficult for a special child or not.

With these problems done away with, I can vouch that learning procedure for them will surely improve!