Top 5 Good Reasons Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

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Homework and assignment is a very common term in student’s life. Homework is an integral part of this career-oriented education system. Students need to achieve a good academics and grades to build a bright career and a brighter future.

For this reason, they need to learn more and more, enhance their knowledge and must prepare themselves for all kind of exams and test so that they can get better academics and better prospect. Homework is one of the best options to lead to sure success. That is why homework is inevitable.

But as per the statistics and research, homework is the reason of depreciation, anxiety, mental stress, and exhaustion for the students. So we must think that how much homework should be suitable for a student, especially for kids. It is claimed that homework has no benefits in elementary level, but it can be the reason of many harms in the children’s life.

It is no doubt a controversial topic; many steps had been taken in the different part of the world to stop kid’s home assignment. We want to draw your attention to the top 5 good reasons why kids should not have homework. The points are listed below.

  1. To avoid exhaustion

Kids are very cute and small they have a small power and ability to do the job. If we forced them to do a lot of jobs, then it will be the reason for their exhaustion.

  • They have to spend long hours in their schools
  • In the school kids have to study and learn a lot of things.
  • These are more than enough for their age and capacity.
  • After a long day school they become tired, homework creates an extra pressure on them and makes them more exhausted.

So the teachers of kindergarten school need to make their students learn everything in the class so that their students do not need to do homework.

  1. To protect their leisure

After a long stretch in the school, all students need to take some rest in the house. It is required for their health. But if their schools assign homework they do not find any time to take rest and play. It is not good for their overall growth.

  • Lack of rest can be the cause of their health problems
  • It reduces their play time, so they become dissatisfied
  • Playing outside is a good exercise too for the kids, it helps to develop a good physic. So homework can be the cause of their poor physic

Hence, we need to remember that homework can have a negative impact on the kids at this early stage of learning. And this is one of the valid points of top 5 good reasons why kids should not have homework.

  1. To give them more family touch

Family attachment is most important in this age. More over children has a great affection for their parents, so they like to spend a quality time with them but due to homework –

  • They do not get much time to spend happily with their family.
  • They do not get time to visit Amusement Park or Disneyland to enjoy their leisure.
  • Often their parents have to involve themselves in their homework and it is one of the vital causes of family conflict which the children have to face on a regular basis.
  • Children are losing their interest in learning due to the pressure of homework.

So let these little learners enjoy their childhood with their loving ones happily.

  1. To make them socialize

Socialisation is an important factor for every human being as we are living in society. This gives us a lot of things, so we need to contribute to our society. The mind setup for being a social person can be developed from our childhood and it helps to develop many interpersonal skills amongst them.

  • Regular interaction with different individual and friends in the society plays a significant role in our brain and mind development.
  • It helps to learn different valuable factors of life such as time management, impulse controlling skills, to settle down different conflict in the society

But it is their homework, which reduces children time to mix up with friends and other hence their social development is hampered. These all are in those top 5 good reasons why kids should not have homework.

  1. For a proper growth

Proper health and brain growth is an important factor of our life. Without the proper development of our health, brain, and mind we cannot be a good human being. But the children, who have lot of homework, are –

  • Unable to maintain a balanced routine like as correct time for having food, spending enough time to play; game; fun and hobbies, and most important is time for resting and sleeping.
  • This unbalanced time schedule disrupted their biological clock and it is really harmful to their health and brain development.

So these all are the top 5 good reasons why kids should not have homework. Now, the system has to decide should kids have homework for their academicals benefits or not.