Top 5 Career Opportunities for Computer Science Graduates

Career Opportunities for Computer Science Graduates
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Despite immense competition and having possibly the biggest global talent pool among all industries worldwide, there is still so much for a computer science graduate to choose from, as a career or simply as a launching platform from where they can aim for greater things in their future.

For more than 60 years now, computer technology has been at the forefront of all industries with amazing potential; a truly inspiring and creative scope of industrial format where everyday thousands of new companies emerge to fight in this immense global sector of commerce and industry. Either a company must innovate and evolve with every changing trend, or perish in this mad race to the top.

5 best career options for computer science graduates

So how does an aspiring and hopeful computer science graduate weigh their chances and options, where do they seek to pursue their dream job in this industry today?

But for the sake of their reference and inspiration, let us see 5 of the most sought after jobs in this industry that are hard to get, hard to keep and are worth the effort and all the hard work.

  1. Software architecture development

This is surely the Holy Grail for all computer science graduates, regardless where you live on earth. But the bad news is practically everyone is after this job and that is not a joke. But because this field is so massive and there are so much of opportunities, even if you don’t get hired by an established firm or company, graduates can still earn enough to rent a flat and pay bills by simply working on contract for clients online. That is how demanding and promising this sector is, at the same time.

  1. Web development

This field comes second to the previous in employee demands, and although the pay scale is definitely lesser, the options in this field are endless. It is possible that is 10 years, web development may grow into a bigger sector than software development thanks to the online traffic boom.

  1. Mobile applications development

For the cool, creative and artistic graduates in computer sciences, this new field which came in the 21st century is one of the newest and hippest of all sectors in computer science. Today mobile applications account for 30% of an average individual’s everyday life solutions and the fact that slowly the whole world is working their way to take their businesses, services, products and organizations to the mobile device proves how promising this field is.

  1. Information security analysis

Information security has become a matter of prime importance today, with the age of cyber-crime, cyber terrorism and intellectual property fraud that is convened online. As time will go on, this sector will become a lifeline to all businesses that have a presence online, as well as the common man.

  1. Computer programming

This sector was the golden ticket to IT in the 70’s and 80’s. Although down the years a lot of new sectors have emerged and come to the forefront, the importance of programmers who write the actual codes for software to run, means even software developers are dependent on programmers to get their software functional and become successful. This sector will never go out of business, unless we invent artificial intelligence which can randomly create its own coding patterns.

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