Top 5 Biggest Advantages of Doing Regular Assignments

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Imagine a situation. You have got an opportunity to avail a wish from Harry Potter’s magical wand. What will that precious wish be? Well, I know what most of you will answer. ‘‘Harry, please ban homework from our lives’’ right?

Now, it is okay for young students to have such wish. It is true that they are too young to understand the value of daily homework in their life. But if you are a secondary level student, or elder to that, this kind of behavior is not at all justified. While some of you may claim that- ‘‘Give students a break so that they can enjoy the life before it gets tough’’, remember the old proverb- ‘‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’’

‘‘There is no possible way a student can learn everything taught in class without reinforcing the subject through homework.’’

The next time you think your homework to be a waste of time, simply gives a thought to this quote. Once you avoid doing your homework, time flies too fast, and you can never make up for the lost time, no matter how hard you try!

In order to dream of success, you need to do your homework so that you can stay awake to achieve the taste of success. Teachers like students who regularly do their homework. These students are the ones who make their way to success. It is true that you may not like doing homework of all subjects. But to have your long term goals fulfilled, one needs to take these small steps.

I still remember an incident from my childhood days. One day, after returning from school, I made a grand announcement to my mom that from then onwards, I have decided not to do my homework. To my utter dismay, she did not even scold me. Instead, she behaved normally (Like, not doing homework is something which is very usual among school students). This unexpected behavior started troubling me.

When I finally decided to confront her in the evening, she taught me a new lesson by saying just a few words. Her remarks were-‘‘its ok Katie. Doing or not doing homework is your choice as it is your life. If you chose not to have a good life ahead, don’t do. But the next time you dream big, remember you sacrificed your education.’’

Considering the fact that there are many students who avoid doing their homework, I decided to write this post. I will be highlighting the 5 major advantages which a student can avail by doing his assignments regularly.

5 greatest advantages of doing your assignments regularly:

  1. Better grasp on subjects-

‘‘Students should rather see assignment as an art, creative writing or other activities and see the basics getting covered at school.’’ Teachers assign students homework on the basis of what they have taught in the class. There are students who pay proper attention to what teachers teach in the class hours. Some students are even unable to understand the concepts clearly.

There are teachers who give assignments in order to check the understanding of each student. When teachers see that some students have not understood properly, they help them in having their concepts and doubts cleared. This helps these students to have a better grasp on the subject.

Even the students, who derive a clear conception of what they have been taught in class, get a better understanding while solving their homework. This helps the students to have a clear idea and understanding of each of their topics in a subject.

In case you are unable to understand some concepts, you can take assistance from various online professional websites.

  1. Prepares for the real world-

The basic agenda of school education is that students should be developed step by step in a way that they are prepared to face the real world once they come out of school. Students need to be responsible, have analytical skills, leadership skills, problem-solving capabilities, etc. These help them in handling the life at workforce; have necessary entrepreneurship abilities which will help in being a better professional altogether.

The assignments or the homework that these students have to deal with makes them capable of everything above. Not only are the benefits of homework solving limited to academic life, but your professional life too.

  1. Developing time-management skills-

Who on Earth does not require time? No matter how rich you are, nothing is more precious than time. Whether you are a class 5 student or a PhD scholar, you need to manage your time effectively. Instead of complaining about lack of time, you need to divide your time in a way that you can easily do your assignments as per the deadline.

The best way to manage your time after school hours is by preparing a schedule of your activities. Depending upon your load of assignments, make a timetable by preparing slots on the basis of your subjects. In case of lengthy assignments, you can consider dividing the homework into several manageable parts. This will help you to deal with them easily.

Students, who do not complete their assignments on time, often get stressed. To avoid this, you can refer to- Steps to follow for reducing stress and increasing energy while doing assignments.

  1. Makes you disciplined-

No matter what career you pursue ahead, discipline will play a vital role in it. Students are able to learn discipline by doing their assignments regularly. By practicing more and more homework, you will be able to develop how to have proper focus and set your priorities.

You can learn the task of prioritizing by knowing what is of utmost importance. For example, you have an English assignment with a submission deadline of next week and a Mathematics project with an immediate submission. You need to give top priority to your Mathematics homework as you do not have enough time for this.

  1. Better academic grades-

The present education system considers your grades to be the ultimate determinant of your academic potentiality. Thus, you need to secure good grades in order to have a good academic and professional life ahead.

Teachers often give assignments which have grades attached to it. Not only do your final exams are important but even these assignments are evaluated. The cumulative grade of your exams and assignments determine your final grade in a particular subject for a semester. Thus you need to take your assignments seriously so that you obtain good grades.

Nothing can ever replace the importance of homework in a student’s life. A student who does his assignments regularly is the one who gets to taste the sweet fruit of success.

Start doing your assignments now!