Top 3 Ways to Pull an All-Nighter for Chemistry Assignments

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Chemistry isn’t a favourite subject for most of the students; most of them have a mental block. Even though there are a few children that somehow develop a passion for it. Because of their lack of enthusiasm,students tend to forget when assignments are given to them or when it needs to be submitted, etc.

Many find out about the assignments just the night before. In this case, it is a rush to the finish line and the hurried work is more than noticeable to the teacher. However, teens and young adults have mastered the art of pulling all-nighters to complete important chemistry homework or study for tests. If you find yourself struggling, below are a few methods to employ while trying to stay awake.

3 Hacks to Staying Awake All Night

  1. Getting Organized

  • Staying up all night is harder than you would imagine especially if you’re staying up to complete homework.
  • Somehow, staying up to listen to music, watch movies or be social doesn’t seem to be as difficult because we’re a lot more engaged, attentive and interested in the activity.
  • Before beginning any work, it is important to have all essential items in one place or at least one room so that minimum energy is exerted, and all your focus is solely on the task at hand.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for all the work that needs to be done.
  • Make a list of all the topics that need to be covered in each assignment, break them down into sizable portions.
  • Estimate the minimum amount of time required to complete each portion, so that you know exactly how late into the night you’ll be required to stay awake to finish it.
  • Compile all necessary notes and handouts in one file so that they’re easy to locate and use whenever necessary. Organize them in order of the assignments topics that you’d like to tackle.
  • Ensure that your workspace is neat and organized; this will also make it seem inviting and encouraging.
  • Although it is not usually advised, the make criterion is trying to stay awake, so feel free to listen to some soft music while working. Have a playlist ready beforehand (preferably instrumental so that the lyrics don’t act as a distraction).
  • Staying up late means there will be midnight snacking, especially if there is any sort of mental exertion involved.
  • Gather all the food and drink supplies you need. Ensure that everything that is procured will assist in keeping your awake and attentive. So, include energy drinks, protein rich food, carrots, and a fair amount of sweets for that extra sugar rush boost.
  • When creating your to-do list, write it out according to priority. It would be beneficial to complete difficult tasks first while there is still enough energy available, and easier ones towards the end of the night since less focus will be required.
  • Take a short power nap before This will provide a boost of energy that may be the winning reason you’re able to stay up late.
  1. Execution

  • Once you begin working, there are little things that must be done to ensure that the assignments are done in a haphazard manner or that you don’t lose steam half way through.
  • First and foremost, turn off all non-essentials. No one needs to be texting or calling at odd hours at night.
  • Refrain from browsing through Facebook, Instagram, blogs and other social media.
  • Do not watch TV or listen to the radio or news. Anything that can be avoided should be avoided.
  • Work according to your schedule and prioritized list of assignments.
  • While an everyday schedule would allow a break of about 5-15 minutes, every twenty minutes to an hour should be considered for practice. There is precious little time that can be wasted
  • Take a short break to take a walk, re-energize, and freshen up every two hours.
  • Try to power work your way through the two hours for maximum output.
  • Though caffeine is a resourceful energy booster, it is not wise to continuously drink caffeinated drinks as this will take a toll on your body and health in the long.
  • Drink a glass of water in between each aerated, caffeinated energy drink. This will help in staying hydrated and also provide pressure on your bladder which will act as a physical stimulant to keep you awake.
  • It is definitely not wise to study on the bed. This will increase the need to sleep and make it very difficult to find ways to avoid sleep.
  • A study in a mildly uncomfortable position that keeps the body alert and stops it from falling asleep.
  • Keep the lights turned on and a window open. The bright light and cool breeze will stop you from feeling claustrophobic. It will help with an even flow of thoughts.
  1. Motivation

  • Motivation can be found in the oddest of places but must first come from oneself.
  • Thinking positively is the only way to make it to the end. Do not begin work thinking that you are likelier to leave it unfinished.
  • However, it would be wise to keep an eye on your thoughts. Do not allow your mind to drift off and daydream, not only will you lose precious time, but hardly any work will be done in those lost moments.
  • If necessary, invite a friend or group of friends so that you all can push each other towards the finish line. Also, a bit of fun, the light-hearted conversation is relieving in such stressful situations.
  • Do not try to multitask; you may already be tired and trying to do multiple things at the same time will only make this worse.

Staying up all night to do work that you’re not particularly fond of requires guts and determination. You need to be gutsy simply to trust yourself to complete all the work within that night, and you need to be determined because focusing on the end goal is the only way to make it through. Keep in mind, pushing your body beyond its limits will only cause it to fail and all your efforts will be counter-productive.