Tips to Writing a Good Essay: A Beginner’s Guide

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Essay writing should not be a lot of hard work, nor is it challenging in any way. Of course that would depend on the individual’s creative and imaginative prowess, apart from a good sense of how to project one’s ideas and frame the essay in a smart and engaging manner. Naturally there are many beginners who find it hard to decide how to write a good essay, usually getting stuck at finding the right ideas or a deciding on a theme.

Many students are simply clueless when it comes to constructing an essay. Well in case you are looking to write essays there are a good few tips that you can follow to get started and clear your writer’s block. Here are some simple ways that will get you going:


  • Read good essays and articles from veritable sources

Essays and articles can be found in abundance from various sources all around you. Newspapers, journals, magazines, blogs and channels on the internet all have good essays written by successful writers and journalists. It is always smart to be in the habit of reading these to learn a lot about how essays should be written, to familiarize one with their patterns and find how writers maintain a flow and frame their essays.


  • Decide on a topic

Clear out in your head what topic you wish to write about. Essays are not like stories and they always have to be based on a topic. Topics can be based on any subject, and that truly means anything. This is why writing essay can be easy, since you can choose just about anything you wish to write about and there are endless options to choose from.


  • Form a definite theme

An essential component of an essay is its theme. An essay needs a definite theme that governs how it shall be projected to the reader, and how it takes its writing elements to create the write-up. The theme of an essay is how you present your work to the reader and give them a certain ambience with your work. You may choose a narrative essay, or an abstract one, it can be descriptive or imaginative, fictional or hypothetical; or maybe a literary non-fictional work touching over topics like society, religion or politics.


  • Create a thesis for your essay

A definite thesis is also required for an essay. A thesis will summarise the message or idea you wish to convey through your essay to the reader in a short format. Writing essays require a clear and smart thesis in the beginning to lay down the objective of your essay to the reader. Find out 7 Secrets to manage accounting exam efficiently here.


  • Form an introduction

An introduction should be short, engaging and be able to immediately draw the reader’s attention. It should be neatly constructed and be smartly framed so as to immediate be followed by the body of the essay.


  • Outline the body, finish with a conclusion

Create an outline on the body of your essay. The body is the main part where the whole essay conveys its message and gives the reader something to ponder about. The body should also reflect the theme which the essay is based on. A lot of resourceful writing has to be done to make the body smart, sensible and able to influence readers.

Create a brief conclusive paragraph to your essay that finalises your message in the body in an assertive and yet subtle format.