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What is Time Series?
Time Series is a part of statistics and data point sequences which are spread out at different time intervals and calculated at successive times. A lot of methods are used for time series analysis and expressive statistics. Experts create models for evaluating forecasting futures which are based on past events. This is necessary and known as time series forecasting. The characteristics are different in different values.

Time series analysis always focuses on the fact that those observations which are close or done together in time are very much close as compared to those observations which are done in some gap of time.  Sometimes analysis of regression also requires time series. But, in this one time series value depends on the other value this series.

What are the methods used?
Time series needs an exact analysis to evaluate its value. Our team of Time Series Homework Help explains that the time series analysis methods are divided into two classes. These are-

  • Frequency Domain Method– Wavelet analysis and spectral analysis are the most effective part in this.
  • Time Domain Method– This method includes cross correlation and auto correlation method.

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