Things You Should Do Before Studying Engineering

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The word ‘Engineering’ has been derived from Latin word ‘Ingenium’ which means clever. Engineering is the practice of applying mathematics, physics, social, economic, scientific and practical knowledge so as to create, construct, research and maintain buildings, tools, parts and procedures. The sphere of engineering is very vast and accommodates a wider new range of engineering known as specialized engineering. Each specialized field deals with the detailed study of whatever part of engineering you are specializing in.


Why is choosing a subject an important decision?

  • Choosing a subject or field of study in college is a very important decision because it is that choice of study that will decide your career. Career is not something to be taken lightly. Therefore, before choosing a subject in college for good, you need to thoroughly research about the subject you are planning to pursue.
  • You need to know about the future job prospects and make sure that your job is able to provide you with enough money to suit your lifestyle.
  • One more thing that you should remember, when in school, is that co-curricular activities are as much important as studying. ‘Benefits of participation in co-curricular activities for students’ is an article that gives us an idea about how much a student can benefit from not refraining from co-curricular activities.


Why should you choose a career you love?

Engineering is a profession that everybody pursues these days because of the excellent job prospects that it offers but what you need to keep in mind is that if you only go for a profession because of the salary, you will never be happy.

  • Your profession should be one that you love more than one that has an attractive annual package.


More about engineering

 Engineering in brief, is a discipline of study that is for students who love creating and fixing things. Be it computer fixing and creating or machine fixing and creating, the definition sums it all.

There are a number of branches of engineering namely- Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, Naval engineering, Mining engineering, Computer engineering etc. These are some of the well known branches of engineering. Each has its own special attributes. Students pursuing each of the above need to know, that they have to love whichever one they choose to pursue as their profession.

  • Chemical engineering cannot be pursued by people with no love for chemistry, physics or biology. This is because this sphere mainly deals with the application of those subjects on a commercial scale and without interest in these subjects the business is bound to perish.
  • Civil engineering on the other hand requires a person who loves to create things. Roads, railways, bridges etc are some of the things that they have to create in future.
  • Electrical engineering requires a person with a passion for electronics and physics without which, the future in the said profession is very dark.
  • Lastly, Mechanical engineering requires a person who is interested in creating products for transportation, engines etc and a person who is not tough enough to handle the injuries it is bound to give you at some point in life, Mechanical engineering is not your thing.