The Prospect of Financial Graduates Looks Bright over the Turn of Events in the Last Few Years

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The year 2018 and the year following is shaping up to be great for graduates specializing in Finance; the financial hit of 2008 has almost worn off, and it is looking better with every passing day. Now, the leading companies have started to hire graduates for their firm as they feel the future is quite secure and the probability of another recession is rather low.

Firms like CareerBuilder in their survey estimated that almost 75% of the leading financial firms are looking to hire someone who has just passed out of college. This can get regarded as a massive improvement as back in 2016 and some quarter of 2017 the number was lagging near 50%. The firms which are hiring new graduates are also interested in paying quite a package ranging around 50,000 US dollars yearly which is right in the current competitive market. A few years back, fresh graduates were forced to work with much less salary, and currently, the market changed so much that they can have leverage while discussing the package.

The graduates are not only people who are reaping the benefits of the change in the money market; the MBA students are also getting picked up leading firms for an eye-watering yearly package. In some cases, it is noticed that the prospect of a master graduate than a typical financial graduate. The survey agency named the Graduate Management Admission Council found a whopping 85% of the firms are eager to hire a fresh MBA graduate for a generous yearly package.

  • In this blog, we list down four types of jobs which suit a financial graduate perfectly:
  • Financial Advisors

The position of a financial advisor for a leading multi-national firm is the wet dreams of any aspiring finance student. The place is often labeled as the hardest to hire as from a company’s point of view it is a highly influential position that will advise and predict the future changes in the market.

A financial advisor of a leading firm takes home more than a generous amount of salary as it is one of the best-paid jobs in the sector. The best thing about this position is the in equilibrium between supply and demand. The demand for a quality advisor is so high in comparison to supply that a good financial advisor can easily land him an excellent job.

The imbalance between the supply and demand can be due to two factors; firstly, the quality among the recent financial graduates is not good enough to get hired in that esteemed position and secondly and probably the most critical factor, the complexity of the job.

This is one of the jobs where you can hear the sound of blood rushing through your veins as it is one of the most exciting and physically draining jobs of the particular sector. If a person gets thrilled by investing and makes maximum profit, this is the ideal job for them.

  • Insurance Agents

A survey done by Gardner estimated that the Finance and Insurance sector would hire financial graduates 39% more than they used to do a few years back. As financial advisors, the need for insurance professionals is also very vital as almost the entire US population purchases health and other forms of insurances every year.

The job of an insurance agent is to sell product and policies which are purchased by nearly everyone not only in the US but in every part of the globe. The recent rise in medical expenses made the medical and care insurances a must for every household thereby generating quite good revenue for the particular sector.

There is a type of insurance product sold by insurance agents which provide immediate annuities to a retiree a steady source of income as the interest rate in the banks are low for quite some time now.

  • Tax Associates

When it comes to paying taxes, we share a universal feeling of dislike, but someone has got to do the job of calculating and estimating the yearly taxation of a firm. The tax law prevailing in the States is quite complex and requires someone who is an expert in the job.

The job of a tax associate is to help his firm follow all the murky tax laws prevalent in the country. An MNC hires a tax associate so that he can prepare and file the taxes on behalf of the company and also help the firm withhold the salary of their employees to pay off the charges. The job of a tax associate may not involve a lot of excitement, but it is one of the highest paid jobs in the finance sector.

  • Accountant

It is one of the most common jobs one has heard from the financial sector and arguably one of the easiest to land one. The accountant of any firm often gets regarded as the foot soldier of any firm as they do all the lifting and brain work. A graduate who is looking to improve his skills and knowledge instead of lining his pocket can opt for this particular position. As the accountant does all the paperwork and brainwork, the scope for learning is very high.

Accountants get hired in insurance sectors to the business sector without any hiccups. The person employed in the position has a broad spectrum of work and can find a job in different industries. The salary drawn by an entry-level accountant is not at all bad, and it ranges around 50k-60k US dollars yearly which is more than suitable for any fresh graduate. The fresh graduates can use the accountant’s job as a stepping stone for bigger things in the future.

To know about the return of the investment

When you are financing management student you have to come across this topic that is the return of investment. As I am a finance student I know that student face most of the difficulty here. Just like that in order to help you out with this assignment or this topic I have come with my blog with all relevant information along with tips so that you can get your entire problem solved.

Return of investment as an assignment

Most of the students are given this as an assignment. Return of investment is one of the best chapters in finance study and most of the students get it difficult to understand in detail. If you belong to the same category then you have hit the right place I will share you the tips that you ware away your difficulty within no time.

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Knowing about ROI

ROI stands for Return On Investment is a measure that is used to analyze the efficiency of the investment and also used to compare the efficiency of a number of various other investments. For the calculation of ROI, the benefit of the investment is divided by the result measured as a percentage ratio.

The formula for ROI- (Investment gain- the cost of investment)/ cost of investment

So the basic formula for ROI is mentioned above.

Now you might wonder what does investment gain signifies. Well, it states that the procedure that re-acquired from feeling the investment of interest. Roi is one of the most used methods because of its simplicity and versatility.

In other words, if the investment does not have a positive ROI or if the opportunities with other ROI is better then investment must not be undertaken. One thing every student must keep in mind that the calculation for return on investment and the definition can be modified to fit with the situation.

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