The Necessity of Creativity and Sports for a Child

17 Oct The Necessity of Creativity and Sports for a Child

“All work and no playmake Jack a dull boy.”  Sports are very important for everyone and especially for children. They not only need to be physically fit, but there are some lessons that can only be learned from sports. A creative mind is more prone towards excellence. Creativity and sports not only enhances brain development, it also shows a remarkable progress in personality development. Be it a girl or a boy, from dance to art to sports helps a lot in boosting their self-confidence.

Creativity and Sports

Far too often teams, players, performers, and coaches fail to execute their actual ability to create and be innovative on thefield.  Be it art or sports the science to maximize their performance is by experimenting and creating new possibilities.

How it helps in developing health, thinking process?

What a person can learn by himself can never be taught even with the best examples. Let your child make few mistakes, there is nothing wrong about failing few times before they achieve the best. The paramount learning and understanding that comes from creativity and sports are something they will remember not only as memories but also as life lessons.

  • Creativity

A creative mind is more intelligent than a bookish brain. A child’s brain needs to be alert and active; this is why they feel restless or bored in a fixed routine. This can be avoided by getting them involved in some creative activities:

  • Helps to think them more divergently in all life aspects.

Be it work, play or unfamiliar situation in life they know they have the creative side to bring out a solution. Even the toughest thing will make think in an out of the box manner and would turn the situation into something productive.

  • Helps in expressing yourself in new ways

Creativity is an outlet that can take any form and shape as per desire. When a thought or an idea is expressed to the mass with a presentation it leaves them awestruck.

  • Self satisfaction

When a personal thought is put into alife or on paper it gives a sense of satisfaction. This helps in building up the mind more.

  • They master an art better than everyone

When a child is given the option to do what he or she likes, they choose to do that interests them. When someone polishes and develops their passion and turns them into talent, it gets very hard for anyone to beat them at it.

  • They believe in recycling

They are the master of Do It Yourself. They would add their own touch to the old, discarded stuff and would come up with something excellent.

Some creative activities where they can engage themselves into:

Dance, music, painting, sculpture making, poetry, photography, craft etc.

  • Sports

Sports don’t need much of an explanation why children should get involved it. But still there are some reasons that need to be mentioned:

  • Helps in building healthy activity habits that make a child more discipline.

Early morning practices from childhood will turn it into a habit to remain involved into physical activities even when they grow up. It reduces stress level and keeps the body active throughout the day.

  • It makes a child more confident.

It has been scientifically proved that art and sports help in increasing the adrenaline level in the body. This keeps a child shielded away from falling into peer pressure as they are well aware of their strength and also knows what aspects they need to work.

  • Teamwork

We live in a society but how often do we think about the other person’s ease? A sporty child doesn’t grow with a selfish mind. When they work in a group or play in a team, they understand the worth of other people and their support. They also learn to encourage others in the time of need.

  • Liberal

We often judge people based on social stigma which is absolutely wrong. But this is aforce of habit. A child involved in creativity and sports are more likely to judge people based on their merit and personality.

  • Sportsman spirit

Failures will not be able to push them in a corner and make them cry. Rather, they would learn from their mistakes.

  • Concentration

They know when to do what. While studying the put their focus because they know in their free time they have something to do that they love. The brain cells work better that helps them to concentrate on anything that they do.

  • Calm and poised

Fighting and screaming are not the only way to release anger or stress. They do that while working out or with their pen, brush and dancing shoes.

  • Presence of mind

While playing on thefieldwhen they need to tackle situations unknown to them with their mind’s creativity. They can accept things at ahigher level than others. They’ll make way for others to show their talent. This won’t make them fall behind, rather will push them forward.

Few sports where they can engage themselves:

Soccer, basketball, baseball, karate, softball, swimming, street sports etc.

Creativity and Sports in developing personality

  • Character and moral value are formed through a fair play
  • Helps to be more understanding and have a positive approach
  • It’s easier for them to express their thinking, knowledge, and ideas
  • They would learn to appreciate others more
  • A child who is into creativity and sports are very spontaneous. This helps in developing a charming personality.

These are very helpful for a child to develop a positive approach towards life. They not only make other proud of them, also tend to live better and peaceful life. What can be better than an organized mind which can support their own problems and handle them tactfully?They know more “10 ways to enhance communication and speaking skills” than others, they are more likable than others, more positive and social. They know the strength of unity and try to bring people together.

We all love to see and feel charmed and there do it with their presence. It also helps them to understand what they want in life better. You should encourage your child being more into creativity and sports. Some professional websites give brighter in-depth regarding the benefits of healthy recreational activities.