Ten High School Homework Tips That Every Student Must Follow

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There is a lot of celebration and concern surrounding education, and one of the major household topics in a normal nuclear family with childrenis, homework. Homework is a major part of school life; it is one of the modules that form the holy trifecta of high school education, the others being exams and extra circulars. With all the stress of performing well and getting good grades, the child is crushed with a lot of pressure to deliver.

It doesn’t help that homework is graded and counted in the final evaluation for the school year. Homework usually doesn’t contain things that have been practiced in a classroom before; itis based on something newly taught or not taught at all. It is tremendous effort on a child’s side to understand and then arrive at a solution that will help them achieve the goal of the assignment. This is where a few tips from our side can come in handy.

A healthy mind is a key to success

When the mind is free, and there is no external pressure, creativity is unleashed. With such creative liberty, assignments can be done with ease; they can be done on time too. A healthy mind can be achieved by exercising regularly, going for a run, meditating, indulging in sports that you love, or any activity that can enhance the functioning of the brain and set things into motion. Food plays a key role on the path to a healthy mind, eat a lot of brain foods like walnut, almonds, celery, and apricots. These help in stimulating the brain and keeping it energized. Once the mind is healthy, success is only a few short steps away.

Where do I start?

Always know what is required of you, what needs to be done. A fresh assignment can be a tedious process if you lack direction of any kind whatsoever. We can always reverse engineer our way to the start. Know what the end goal is, jot down what is required to reach there, pick up the best option that can help you kick-start the project. Start implementing and you will soon get the hang of it.

Sketch a plan

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you get down to work, some of them are:

  1. What is the end goal that needs to be achieved?
  2. What is required of you to achieve the said end goal?
  3. What is that you already know and can implement out of the list?
  4. What is that you are unaware of out of the list?
  5. Can you learn it? How fast can you learn it?
  6. Where do you get started? Order the options based on the feasibility and time taken to complete them.
  7. What will be the flow? Decide on the order; everything included and get to work.

Have a daily routine

It always helps to be organized; an organized person seldom gets things wrong. Fix a routine for your homework. If you always do it right after school, do it every day right after school, religiously.  If you do it after your cello classes, do it right after cello classes everyday even if your arms hurt. A daily routine makes homework a habit rather than a burden to bear. Once the routine is set, the brain automatically signals you to complete it.


Follow it to the T

Setting routines is not the end of the task, following it to the T requires a lot of commitment and effort. What we need is someone to keep track of on our side so that we don’t sway for few days in the start. You can start with hanging posters on the wall, which reminds you and push you to finish the homework on time. You could always ask your friends to remind you of the same.

Have a dedicated place to study

The right mood needs to be set for one to study and finish their homework; a very dull place could make you feel sleepy. An extremely bright light leads to headaches and irritation. Set a place that has a well light table lamp, a study table, and a proper chair to go with. Once set, start working on the same set up.

Stay ahead of your peers

You have a schedule handy for the class, scan through it, try to read ahead and stay ahead of your peers. While they are working on the assignments based on what was taught today, you have already learned what was taught today and can finish the assignment way ahead of time.

Find a friend

Group study is helpful in achieving targets, in a group you can clarify doubts and issues easily. Each one can help the other and take help of the other on need to need basis. This is helpful for you and your friends, and it can be so much fun.

Have competitions *healthy ones*

During these group studies, come up with fun games, have little treats for the one who finishes a quiz first. Give them dares if they fail to finish on time or come last. This is a fun way to hang out and study at the same time.

Treat it like fun

Homework is for you to expand your knowledge and work on your skills. It is to understand what your skills are and which ones you need to hone further. It is a fun way of learning. Take it easy; it doesn’t help if you stress out and have a panic attack over it. If people were successful based on just grades, no one would know Einstein or Tesla. Relax, take a step back, and breathe.

Life is so much more than just homework; it is but just a part of it. Learn to take the right amount of stress and handle it like a pro. One can only try and do their best, everything else just follows. Hope we helped.